Dancing With the Stars – 09/11/09

9 11 2009

A few things are worth griping about ‘pre-airing’:

1. Aaron Carter- there’s something about that guy that is hard to warm up to. I think it’s because if he lived anywhere but LA…he would be that kid that gets shoved in lockers, or has his lunch money stolen. Anyways, he tries hard…too hard perhaps…and without pussy footing around…. i dont like him.

2. Mya – I heard she used to be a pretty pro tap dancer. Which irks me…no one is supposed to have dance experience, And if it is true, it has been shrouded in secrecy all season…she alluded to it once, but it came and went so quickly and there was no more talk of it since. What gets my goat is that…(insert violins) there are dozens of D-list people-who-had-slightly-more-than-15 minutes-of-fame , who tried desperatly to get on this show…give the pseudo-celebs a chance here ABC!

3. Why does the head female singer always wears head jewelry? watch for it tonite when they introduce haerold wheeler and the band. just…another oddity.

4. Samantha!- Who IS this woman? The questions she asks are ridiculously thrown at exhausted dancers post-dance, through a goofy/blank smile. Tom is a gem…Samantha is the floppy eared sidekickĀ  He has to scramble to make appropriate cracks about (a relationship akin to Obama/Biden)


Its still the best thing to do between 8-10pm every monday…So I will be watching tonight for sure….as always.





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