10 11 2009

Last night proved to be another stunning example of expanding what could have been an hour of solid dancing into 2 hours of ‘longer’ dances, judges ‘expectations’ pieces and…awkward Samantha interviews.

Why do I like this show? I’ll tell you…the dancing was pretty solid and overall very entertaining last night. The choreography keeps getting better and better—perhaps drawing from the recent freedoms and creativity choreographers have been given in shows like So you think you can dance — all of a sudden the DWTS ‘pros’ are producing some really ingenius dances.
The latin dances all had decade themes, which could have been a complete disastor—but give em’ an inch…they turned out to be the most creative and entertaining numbers of the year thus far. The standouts were Mya and Dimitri with a 70’s inspired dance (when did Dimitri turn into a deadringer for Sonny Bono?!?!) and Joanna and Derek’s Futuristic dance was a perfect marriage of syncopated-ziggy stardust with latin standards….it was fantastic! For me, I have always thought Joanna was like a 90-pound robot that Derek just wheeled around the dance floor—so this role was both a perfectly executed and ironic. But I dont wasnt to take anything away from the piece, because it was pretty darn brilliant…and it would have fit on the So you think you can dance stage seamlessly.

To sum up the rest of the night— Kelly is better at ballroom than latin (but looks cuter in 60’s garb …so points for that!), Aaron was his usual over-zealous yet under-charming (here’s hoping i dont have to watch another week of his ‘dedicated’ practices and perpetual ‘becoming a man’ act…fingers crossed). Donny always lives up to his legacy, he surprises me every week with his ability to overcome the ‘age factor’— he may actually be my favourite dancer on the show and a voting-front runner.

Moments of the TV Night:

  • 4 Latoya jackson sightings—shameless.
  • The rebirth of the Donny Osmond Mullett
  • Kelly Osbournes puppies attending practice as ‘cheerleaders’ 🙂
  • The first perfect ’10’ routine– Mya and Dimitri
  • Aaron Carter pretends to throw-up….so he has something to talk about with Samantha.
  • Joanna and Derek ‘get lit’ (wear christmas lights) to dance.

Predictions? That blonde kid with the famous brother will get the axe…finally.





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