DWTS Results

11 11 2009

HA! I was right!

Who got the boot? An annoying blonde kid who managed to hang on to 15 minutes of fame longer than most because of a more famous family member… although few could fit the bill…I’m referring to Aaron Carter!

I find results shows pretty excruciating and complete waste of time…because the actual result takes 2 minutes…but you are forced to sit through an hour of ‘schmultz’, fillers and singers promoting new records. Tonite was absolutly no different (although, Michael Buble was incredible good, and finally a performer who’s music actually WORKS for this show…you cant tell me th eprofessional dancers are thrilled to come up with a paso doble to fit a Miley Cyrus tune…Buble was at least appropriate). Honestly, the filler was an all-time high on my useless and painful scale— how many more ‘dance centres’ can they expect me to watch before i inflict severe pain upon myself? Kenny Mayne was a seriosuly inept dancer from a past season, that continues to display his distain for getting axed by putting me through more of his screentime. sigh….!

anyways— i will let that ALL slide because at the very least…i will not have to endure another week of ‘the boy who never grew up’…aaron carter. goodbye— please bow out with grace and persue other ventures OUT of the limelight.





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