12 11 2009

longest name for a television show ever! it can’t even be shortened… but i digress.

okay, the first ‘results’ show of the season thus far…and it was a doooozy!

I love it when judges actually have an opinion …and Nigel stole the show tonight, making  VERY clear  his disapproval in the immaurity of certain dancers (ahem…nathan and molly) and his lack of respect for viewers voting solely on ‘cuteness factor’. He even went so far as to tell the audience to “Shut Up” while they were booing him….and it was not in jest! awkward moment—great tv !

anyways, whats-her-face and last tap dancer ended up leaving the show…it wasnt as bad as losing a limb (see CSI Trilogy!) but too bad for the tappers on this competition, i was excited for their prospects…but alas, all three have fallen.

look for molly and nathan to start their insincere  “coming of age” process to appease judges…thats my prediction.





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