TV Night Tonight…

12 11 2009

It’s my FAVOURITE night of TV… so nice of all the networks to air their A-team all on one night, makes for some great entertinament and a very tired TV blogger…meh, tomorrow’s friday.

Here’s what I’m watching tonight:

Survivor – my guilty pleasure, but it’s still the original Reality TV show (anyone else see the distinct similarities between this show and Lord of the Flies? minus ‘piggy’ oh…and the hog head on a stick…) Anyways, the tribes have merged and it looks like there are no really solid alliances so…anyones game at this point!  Most interesting character is Russel, we’ll see how strong he holds up with a new team to try and wrap around his finger.Tune in tonight at 8:00pm CBS/Global.

CSI:Trilogy finale– I’m interested to see how this all weaves itself back to Las Vegas and if the Zeta gang will rear more of its ugly head in Sin City. At the end of yesterdays episode, we see another truck driver with a ‘girl-slave-cage’ in his Semi heading for the big lights of LV… careful careful, Dr Ray is comin’ for ya! final piece of the puzzle airs tonight at 9pm CBS/CTV

Greys Anatomy- The Mercy West and SG merger has been a good story arc…but only because i really hate the Mercy Westers…and that may not be good in the long run, I will get sick of them being here I think. especially the short-haired, husband-stealing ‘lurker’ who wants Alex. (She’s always lurking in the background, watch for it!) At any rate, theyve done a great job hiding the pregnancy of Ellen Pompeo in real life, by making her ‘bed-ridden’…a nice touch. The chief is getting weak, Derek refuses to be fired, Izzy is nowhere to be found (she’s been gone jsut long enough to have grown all her hair back for a return…) and Callie is definitly fully-gay now. Tune in tonight at 10pm ABC/CTV.

I will try to catch a late version of 30 Rock and the Office as well— for a chuckle. All of my thoughts will be on tomorrows blog.

Enjoy your TV Night.





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