CSI Trilogy : pt 3

13 11 2009

Dr Ray has certainly racked up some serious air miles in the last week— His three city tour concluded last night on CSI:Las Vegas.

It’s on to business as usual for the CSI’s but, Dr Ray continues his search for Madeline — after reports and a photgraph of her surfaces from a nearby casino. This girl is seriously resilient…she gets into this human trafficking ring, endures the torture chamber in the back of a semi, lives through the massive crash on the NYC freeway and the loonatic that transported her, survives rape/torture and a miscarriage at the hands of her new ‘daddy’ back in LV… and yes, a heart warming homecoming wraps up this CSI-saga.

Memorable Moments:

  • The term “HO-Vine“. !!! (like a grapevine, but for hookers…genius. Hard to slip into everyday lingo…but I intend to find the right place for it!)
  • Jim Brass using street slang…like “daddy”…it would be laughable, but its Jim and he’s street like that.
  • The nickname Dr Ray made its way back to LV! Nick used it in this episode…i’m hoping it sticks.
  • Extra points to CSI for revealing the world of prostitution as a sleezy, underground, disregard for human-life …its not glamorous, and too often it is painted as such.
  • Dr Ray now has Horatio and Mac on his speed-dial… I hope they reconnect again…or go to a science convention or something 🙂

Overall, a great Sweeps- Month story arc— Dr Ray is great character. I was the first one to go completly ballistic at the thought of Grissom and Sara leaving LV… but I have a new love.




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