13 11 2009

This show never disappoints, if you arent watching, you should be.

Here’s the set up going into the episode:

Remaining Foa Foa = 4
Remaining Galu = 7

but Foa Foa has a secret weapon…the manic- southern- pillsbury -character– Russell. He’s not in the game for the money, he’s like an oil tycoon or something, his main motivation is to prove that survivor is a GAME that can be controlled and played like a good game of Chess—except all of the other players are lowly pawns to his King. I can’t say that i like the guy, he’s extremely arrogant, masochistic andtoo slick for comfort…but if i can look past the prickly feeling i get when his mug flashes onscreen…he is really making this game interesting!
He had immunity—found it lying in a tree around camp long ago, but last episode he felt threatened and used it at elimination…turned out to be a wasted effort because he didnt garner any votes. THIS week…he decides that he can do it again, so he goes on an errant search for the slusive idol that MAY or MAY NOT even EXIST! and low and behold…son of a gun….he finds it.

this time he swears not tell anyone he has it…but within seonds, his entire tribe and (outsider) Shambo knows (the sensation of infamy always gets the better of us…) Old Galu remain unwittingly steady on their plan to vote him out, so they all write his name down…but non of their votes count, and the next highest voter-getter is sent home.

So, who was the eliminated party? i dont know…some blonde girl. honestly, when I saw her at the elimination, I said outloud “who IS that chick?” anyways, she was shocked…(just about as shocked as I was…that I could go this long without noticing her…)

So now here are the stakes:

Foa Foa= 4 (+ or – Shambo)
Galu=6 (+ or – Shambo)

why is the swing vote always the cracker-jack loonie or socially-inept misfit? could get interesting!

Memorable Moments:

  • The blonde southern girl kills a rat…with a stick. (PETA is so all over that…)
  • Laura winning immunity AGAIN at challenge…this woman is surprising me every week!
  • Was this the first episode without torrential rainfall? that was nice…
  • Russell.





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