Tonight on TV…

14 11 2009

What I’m watching tonight:

Leafs vs Calgary – Here we go again! Twice in 2 nights?! What is this…baseball?
The key here is to re-establish Gustavsson as number 1, to keep Kessel HOT (meaning- Blake, Stajan and Mitchell…feed the puck and get out of the way!), pressure Kippy infront of the net and to get some lucky bounces (No, I’m not still bitter about the ‘non call’ if you were wondering…). I hope it’s a good game… we need a win badly!

SNLJanuary Jones (who? oh, the pretty girl from Mad Men…) is hosting, but we all know it’s not about the host…it’s about how many sketches they can put Kristin Wiig in. She is by far the leading lady of SNL, and she is remenescent of a Lucille Ball, or Lily Tomlin (especially in her ability to master facial expressions and impressions…) I always get a chuckle… and the skits have been improving as of late. Tune in if you are up late enough…Global/NBC 11:30

Have a great TV Night.





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