Leafs vs Flames

15 11 2009

Result: Leafs 2 vs Flames 5

If you are just reading the score and did not watch the game, you would never know that a) Leafs were out-shooting Calgary 30-11 going into the third period and 42-22 overall b) Leafs outplayed Calgary for probably 47 out of  the 60 minutes of ice-time or c) the Leafs played well enough to not only win, but lay a smackdown on the Flames. There was one variable that completly justified the score: Kiprosof.

If you tuned in after the 6 minute mark of the first period, you probably thought Toskala started this game and was (as usual) racking up a beautiful goals against percentage (it was 3-1 at this point). But alas, the fault of those 3 quick goals in 5 shots fell on (the young franchise goalie of the future) Gustavsson. With 2 goals in 16 seconds, and another bad goal minutes after… The Monster was pulled in favour of everyones favourite scapegoat. At this point, I wondered if there was anything else on TV…but I’m glad I stayed tuned in. The Leafs pulled out an impressive comeback; outshooting, outplaying, out-hitting…completely out-doing Calgary. You shouldve seen Flame coach Brent Sutter going into the first and second intermissions…he was about to snap…and managed to get camera time unloading on his team part way through the second. It didnt help. Leafs were buzzing around the net all night, bombarding Calgary with shot after shot… Since coming in 6 minutes into the first, Toskala only had to make 4 saves at the halfway mark of the second!

But its the same old story… The other goalie always seems to have his game-of-a-lifetime against us, and we can never manage to claw our way out of a 3 goal deficit. Jerome Iginla sealed the deal with a beauty of a shot in the third and the Leafs never recovered.

The Good:

  • Leafs didnt serve a minor penalty until halfway through the second period.
  • Kiprosof and Iginla. Leading by example—(my vote is for Iggy to be Captain Canada come february…so I can cheer for him without loyalty issues.)
  • Leafs ‘never-say-die’ attitude…down 3-0 in the first, came back with 2 good goals and a whopping 42 shots on net.
  • Colton Orr had a game defining fight just after the third goal that had the crowd and the rest of his teammates fired up. He also broke his opponents nose…in real time….on CBC…

The Bad:

  • Third loss in a row for the Leafs.
  • TERRIBLE penalty by Riccard Wallin with 5 minutes left in the third…nail in the ugly ugly coffin.
  • Calgary completly falling apart infront of Kippy from the 8 minute mark of the first to the 12 minute mark of the third.
  • The Monster exposed his youth and propensity for minor collapse…lets hope he resets and recharges for the next game.

Final Rant alert!
The Leafs are supposed to be the Yankees of hockey. All the money, all the power, all the fans. But the Yankees of baseball do not disappoint, they use their power, money and fan-support to ENSURE that they are regarded as the best team of the past, present and future. C’mon Burke-y, you have more sway than the primeminister in this country…now prove that you are worth the expensive suits and major hype.

okay— next try: Tuesday vs Senators.





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