Amazing Race

16 11 2009

The final five teams were off and running to Estonia (where?)—apparantly its yet another European country that looks far nicer than it sounds.

Anyways, the teams first had to enter an old merchants brotherhoos and decode a cryptic message…sounds simple enough…but it wasnt the ‘decoding’ that gave one team the most trouble…it was mastering the English language. Yes, that father son team from a farm somewhere in Minnesota were challenged by understanding the CLUE (I’ll bet producers didnt see THAT coming!) By simply empahsizing the wrong syLLAble…the pink-haired son ran amuk trying to locate a candela-BRA thinking it could possible be the man in the corner playing the lute. ouch.

Considering the father-son team was already behind and had to complete an extra challenge, by the time they got to the Bog where other teams were hip-high in sludge trying to play ‘sludge volleyball’…they were pretty much down and out.

Result: 1st- blonde team, 2nd-Gay brothers, 3rd-Globetrotters, 4th-beauty queen and her husband
Father and pink-haired son team eliminated…4 teams remain.

The Good:

  • Estonia…who’d a thunk? I’m calling travelocity…
  • The blonde girl dominating at ‘sludge volleyball’
  • Estonia’s travelling wellness retreat- “Saunabuss“…yes, it’s EXACTLY what you’re thinking…a Sauna-Bus. No lie.

The Bad

  • A game-ending lesson in reading the english language costing pink-haired son huge!
  • A new feud heating up between Gay brothers and Globetrotters…it even got physical at the end (a blatant elbow assault heading towards the finish line)
  • The 1st place prize– usually it’s an exotic trip– tonight, Blonde team gets…a SAUNA! the look on their faces was priceless…a shifty-eyed, “is he kidding?”, act surprised and grateful for the camera look.
  • When are they coming to Canada?

The top 4 duke it out again next Sunday at 8pm CTV.





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