Battle of the Blades: Finale

16 11 2009

If you read a couple of posts back…I make a BOLD prediction…I risked my reputation— and it payed off!

Winner: Craig Simpson and Jamie Sale!

The show was great, a true celebration of two great traditions of sport in this country—credit to the CBC for the  concept and the classy execution of this series.
Tonight Kurt Browning proved why he is still the face of figure skating in Canada more than a decade after his retirement with an amazing routine to start the show. Sale and Pelletier also performed a death-defying pairs-skate that was both beautiful and displayed stunning athleticism (I admit, I had my eyes closed for most of it…the show was live, you just never know!) Also a CAMEO ALERT: (no, not a Jackson. Not even Latoya) Men’s Skater (Olympic hopeful) Patrick Chan and (Canadian sweetheart) Rachel McAdams! (let the rumours begin…)

Overall, a pretty impressive night…highlighted by the performances by the true pros of figure skating- showcasing the marriage of artistry, sport and two creative ways Canadians make the best of  ice from October to April every year.




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