Monday Night TV

16 11 2009

The start of another week… and it’s a big TV night…it almost makes monday do-able.

Here’s what I’m watching tonight:

Dancing with the Stars- There are three female “stars” and one male “star”  left…and whooda thunk the lone male standing would be (Utah darling) Donny Osmond!

Not only is he the only man left standing, he beat out the sports stars(usually shoo-ins for the finals), the cute (former…very former) pop stars AND a (slightly notable?) politician! All younger, all held far more odds…but they did not have the missing ingredients that have gotten Donny Osmond this far:  a) Personality (in that…he has one) b) Fans (in that…he has them) c) Celebrity (in that…he IS one!) He’s the lovable uncle/ harmless nice-guy who’s smile and infamy caters to the shows admittadly older demographic audience (present company not included), and he may win this whole thing. Which would make sense…he matches the mirror-ball trophy.

The other contestants include:

  1. (Super) model whats-her-face, dancing with Derek. I feel like in this case, Derek makes her look good and perhaps even draws voters. He is fresh-faced and all american, he is also extremely talented and throws 110% into every dance… Whats-her-face is small enough and unassuming enough to be lead entirely by Derek and work as a perfect show piece for his choreography (and DWTS producers are loving having her body around to show off their costume dept.)
  2. Mya- A good dancer, but she totally lacks any personality to draw in a following. I keep forgetting about her…and that doesnt bode well in the long run.
  3. Kelly Osborne- 6 years ago, parents all over the world cringed at the thought that their children may turn into, or be influenced by the bratty shenanigans of the Osbourne kids. Look at Kelly now! Those same parents are shedding a tear after her waltzes and foxtrots and falling for her mega-watt smile. Good for her, she’s managed to make it this far on live tv without cursing the judges, flashing the audience or having hissy fit/drunken crusade on set. All that being said, I do find her transformation into a fan-favourite entertaining and…don’t count her out either! If she is able to pull out another heart-warming dance routine akin to her first outing, she could walk away with the trophy.

The final four dance tonight, ABC/CTV 8pm

Battle of the Blades-Finale/Results – I have already predicted a Craig Simpson win… but in all honesty, I have been second guessing myself all day. This actually is a close battle, and if CBC continues to be quintessentially Canadian about this whole competition…they may ALL win. A three way tie. I wouldnt count that out…

We shall see tonight at 8pm, CBC

CSI:Miami- After last week’s 3-CSI-City tour… CSI Miami returns tonight — minus Dr Ray. I will still be tuning in, after all…Horatio now has the spotlight all to himself again—which calls for some serious sunglass action and witty one liners. CTV, 10pm

Have a great TV Night.





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