Biggest Loser

17 11 2009

This was the ‘Inspirational’ episode. The group gets a makeover (enter the only style opinion that matters…Tim Gunn) and are forced to give a speech to a hall of people awaiting a life lesson (getting on tv 101: camera focuses ONLY on those who are a) proud family members b) people having an “AHA” moment  or c) overweight people who should be having an AHA moment.

They all looked ‘fabulous’ and ‘fierce’, and they managed to make people cry…so the day was a complete success.

enter Jillian.

Here’s something for the contestants to keep in mind for the future. Spill all your emotional beans right off the bat…lest ye bear the wrath of psycho-analyst Jillian. Oh, and if you do not tell her every emotionally destoying detail of your life and she finds out… she will drag you on a journey across the desert while you carry sandbags and she barks at you. This happened to Rudy tonight…heaven forbid he kept his sisters death from Jill…but he’s healed now, so the sandbag lugging-desert roaming was all worth it.

The guys killed the weigh-in all putting up huge numbers…the ladies, fell seriously short. So, old southern woman (Liz) and younger dark haired girl (Rebecca) were up for elimination. Sparing the long road it took to get to the result of the vote (meaning, the intentionally placed commercial breaks…for suspense purposes), Rebecca went home…(ran a half marathon, became the person she wanted to be and lived happily ever after)




2 responses

18 11 2009

Rebecca is such an inspiration! I’m not in as good shape as I could be and to see what she accomplished really motivates me to get myself fit. So amazing!

18 11 2009

The show is probably one of the most heart-warming and inspriational on tv… glad you respond so well to it!

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