Leafs vs Sens

18 11 2009

Result: Leafs 2 Sens 3

I don’t know what’s worse at this point a) losing out right  or b) playing better than the other team…and still losing. Something’s gotta give. I read an article in The Toronto Star outlining the ‘success’ of the team under Ron Wilson…he’s running a 36% win ratio at his 100 game mark. Yet, his approval rating seems much higher than that…(certainly in buddy Burkes eyes) perhaps now the stats will speak for themselves.

The game was not a stinker. There are suckers paying for UFC programming when they could be watching Colton Orr (the ghost of Tie Domi) KO opponents for free! And Kessel is definitly the real deal…no one can debate that. He wants the puck, he shoots the puck from anywhere and therefore he scores from ridiculous places…We havent seen a player of his ilk and talent on our team in a long time…I can’t think of a former Leaf that he reminds me of yet.

The Good:

  • Colton Orr displaying his particular talent for “truculence”…reincarnating the number 28 in this town.
  • A quick goal in response to Ottawa’s … Thanks to a great shot by Kessel.
  • Mike Fisher had a great game… He is certainly NOT suffering from the Jessica Simpson curse A La Tony Romo…Was Miss Underwood in Ottawa last night?
  • Audible Go Leafs Go cheers rang throughout the building…

The Bad (an understatement):

  • First goal goes to Ottawa… no need for another comment on this one.
  • Pascal Leclaire made the saves look extremely difficult…but joke is on the Leafs because he managed to save one more than Toskala.
  • Another goalie conundrum is looming. Toskala or Gustavsson…both have lost a ton of games.
  • Leafs Vegas odds of making the playoffs : 1.7%…yikes.

Next try: Thursday vs our bottom-feeder counterparts, Carolina.



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