18 11 2009

Cat was shiny, Paula was absent, and male dancers were shirtless…just another day at SYTYCD!

They also had video-bio’s that looked at the dancers in their younger dance days…and most of them were exactly who I thought they would be… the blonde ringlette-haired, fresh-faced, mini-miss-america that was in everyone’s 5 -year old dance class. Or the one boy in school who didnt speak or like sports and was forced into “drama” to give him an “outlet”.


  •  Wife of Ballroom dancer Ryan (Ahleigh) and her Billy Eliott partner Jacob chose hip hop to start off the night. I cant think of anyone more suited to that style…can you? Expectations aside, the pair pulled it off with amazing authenticity… I had originally thought Ashleigh squeaked into the top 20 because of the “husband” factor…but now I actually know her name (which says alot!)
  • Russel was lucky enough (forced beyond his will) to dance another ballroom style — this time WITH his partner (I cant remember her name…) and NOT his fire-haired dance instructor (Bette Midler look alike). All (dread) expectations aside, Russel continues to impress…even adding a jacob-esque piroette halfway through the number…are they teaching that on the street now? I should get out more…
  • Legacy danced shirtless.
  • Ballroom Ryan danced shirt-open (I’m so glad the costume dept and I are on the same page…)
  • Mollee (double “ee”… because Molly with a “y” isnt quite cute enough) and Nathan redeemed themselves…but who doesnt love pop jazz? They were really lucky tonight, if they had gotten another ballroom or latin routine, they’d have been sunk.
  • J-Lo (Karen) was forced into a full- body -covering outfit, and her Hip Hop partner (Kevin) was fitted with purple pants — they danced to a Broadway song called “if my friends could see me now” (the ironylace and crinolin on the latin sex-kitten, and purple trousers on the streetdancer… was this intended to be SO literal?!) Is it surprising then that they werent “in their element”?
  • Another awkward, un-conventional, bird dance. Choreographers…the Bird has been danced into the ground at this point, no more bird dances…please.

Tonight two more dancers get the hook….who are they going to axe? There arent any more “Tappers”…
Tune in tonight at 8pm Fox/City



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