Wednesday Night Wrap

18 11 2009

Here’s a summary of this wednesday’s TV Night:

ANTM Finale– The two (short) models had a good ole fashion runway battle (never to outdo the classic Zoolander/Hans duel) to decide the winner of ANTM, season 13. They both had to dress as “elements” (Atta way Tyra, the best way to show off models is to make them walk INTO harsh winds and water with a veil over their faces…) and pose for their final photo for Covergirl.

The judges were impressed with both ladies (Country Barbie Laura and Social Misfit Nicole) but in the end….drum roll please…Nicole wins the title! (No need to congratulate me for calling this one…really, I’ll give myself a high five) She is instantly whisked away by Tyra (her new agent, BFF and co-model for the next year), giving her the Ultimate prize…A photo WITH Her (lets be honest, thats the only prize that really matters…)!

CSi:NY– The compass killer returns, and Flack (who totally stole the show last episode running in tight jeans after the perp!) is all of a sudden a fall-down drunk! An apparent suicide off the Brooklyn bridge turns into a not-so-simple case, and the discovery of ‘the compass’ brings the return of that creepy schizo werewolf guy from a few episodes back. The show with by far the best theme song on TV never disappoints…

Dragons Den on CBC (yes, I watch that channel) put on another great show of rich people analyzing potential business ideas…rannging from Childrens Arobics to Lobster Waste turned fertilizer…(only in the east coast would they find yet ANOTHER use for lobsters!)

Two brilliant guest stars on Modern Family: Elizabeth Banks as a that old college girl-friend every one has (the one who threw the wildest parties, drank the most shots and regretted everything the next day) and Edward Norton as a washed up 80’s ‘rock band’ member with a british accent and bangs.

Raptors lost again…Toronto is cursed.

That’s about it for this wednesday…nothing life-changing…but there’s always hope for thursday!




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