Wednesday TV Night

18 11 2009

“Hump-day” (don’t be gross) means that we are halfway through another week of TV… but perhaps the best is yet to come!
Here’s what I’m watching tonight:

SYTYCD Results- One of the more entertaining “results” show on TV…Cat usually gets down to the results pretty early, and the rest of the “filler” is great performances by REAL dancers. Predictions? I wont bet my right arm on this, but I think those in trouble tonight are: JLO (Karen)  and Kevin, the Bird dance couple (Victor and Channing), and the last spot is up for grabs (Are viewers as enamored with Ballroom Ryan, and Russel or as sick of adolescent Mollee as I am?) Results tonight at 8pm FOX/City

ANTM- It’s the finale of Tyra‘s brainchild for the 13th time. Which (shorter version) model will grace the pages of Seventeen magazine (and come back as the “inspiration” next season)? The choices are Social-outcast Red-head (Nicole) or Country Barbie (Laura). Both have been strong throughout the season, it’s actually almost too close to call… but I guess I have to make a BOLD prediction. Again, not betting any part of my body on the outcome. I predict a Nicole win.

CSI: NY- The grittier of the three cities, what kind of severed appendage, GSW, strangulation or gang-hit will we encounter tonight? This light-hearted affair for the whole family airs on CTV at 10pm….gather the kiddies.

Other shows to consider: Dragons Den (an underrated Canadian gem, and newly minted Gemini Award winner…check it out if you havent already! CBC 8pm), GLEE (for you closet musical-fans…it’s the perfect guilty pleasure FOX 8pm), Modern Family (A new ABC comedy sitcom…that is actually funny…I kid you not. ABC 9pm)

Whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV Night.




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