Greys Anatomy

19 11 2009

A Christmas episode…really?!?!

The episode actually BEGINS the day before (American) Thanksgiving and spans to New Years day…and in that month, alot transpires…Here’s the rundown:

The Good:

  • Derek performs another medical miracle, actually inventing a new surgical tool that will save a little boys life. (makes me want to have a serious injury…in Seattle…seems like the safest place at this point)
  • Oh, and he finishes the historic surgery just in time to count down the New Year (perfect hair, perfect teeth…perfect timing.)
  • The whole gang spends Christmas together, and the dinner-table conversation revolves around hernias, bowel surgeries and transplants (and I thought my family were the only ones…) — mmm, pass the yams.
  • The most heart-warming death-bed marriage proposal since Alex and Izzy (I suppose that is common-practice- guess I need to hang out in hospitals more often) between a girl with no heart, and a guy she’s been on 4 dates with…
  • Greys music director manages to find enough COOL Christmas music to fill an entire episode…amazing.

The Bad:

  • Yes, McSteamy has hot-blonde spawn. This news is so shocking to Lexie that she chops off her finger…literally. I love this show.
  • The Chief has become an embarassing-in-denial-dance-to-no-music-in-a-bar…alcoholic.
  • Bailey is cruelly degrated by her father for getting a divorce. Apparantly she isnt making him proud anymore. (The woman has been through decades of schooling, works 20 hour days and keeps people from dying for a living…I can see how he would be mortified)
  • The new hot heart surgeon tells one of those “Owen was so cute when you didnt know him and I did” stories infront of Yang. Gloves are off…

I hope this isnt the final episode of the year…It couldnt be…there was no excruciatingly suspensful cliff-hanger Greys has become notorious for. The best must be yet to come…!




2 responses

20 11 2009

Always lots of good….bad….and ugly on Greys, thats why we watch 🙂 !! You sure called them out with humerous accuracy TV Night!

24 11 2010
Sleep Aid

i would always love to hear those christmas music with a very happy tune *`*

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