19 11 2009

I think Survivor has either come full circle, or contestants are starting to REUSE shocking blanket statements.

Exhibit A, Shambo spewing another “she’s a venomous snake” rant.  Surprisingly, this particular metaphor is neither shocking or new. Harken back with me to season 1; The female truck driver famously hurls the very same insult at Richard in the final episode. In the same way,  Lex (the tatoo guy) in Africa goes ballistic after an elimination and calls out “the SNAKE” in the camp. Shambo thinks she is one of a kind…but she is not even the first raspy-voiced, truck-driving, older woman to spew these ‘bold terms’.

At any rate, Shambo makes it abundantly clear throughout the episode that she’s not a fan of Laura (the evil, venomous snake…also a pastors wife), as Russel licks his lips! So the instant Laura does NOT win another timely immunity idol at the challenge…the “Vote for Laura” campaign begins. But this is Survivor, so we go through a few red-herring scenarios before the voting ceremony.

Here are the stakes:

Galu: 5 (- Shambo) all voting for Natalie (the blonde one)
Foa Foa 5 (+ Shambo) all voting for Laura (the devil incarnate)
= Tie Vote

Therefore, they vote again…(in case someone miss-voted, wrote the wrong name down, or needs a second chance to put down who they ‘meant’ to write down the first time…) in case of another tie, they will pick rocks to decide who goes…the drama!

Final (second) vote count= Laura (Lucifer) eliminated


  • Oh…Russel found the other, other, OTHER hidden immunity idol, and this time was wise enough to hold on to it.
  • Shameless product placement. The reward challenge featured a trip to an exotic location by private jet and a meal that would feed the entire Samoan people…but the REAL prize was a Palm Pre by Sprint! Cue the contestants all showing us the phone’s capabilities…it takes pictures! It takes videos! It’s touch screen! There’s a waterfall beside me…But this phone is so pretty! Shame on you Survivor…shame. (this highlight brought to you by Palm Pre by Sprint)
  • Monica (the dark-haired Laura minion) tried to hatch a plan all by her little self! awww…cute.
  • All of a sudden the ‘winds of change’ have blown through camp, now Foa Foa has the numbers…whooda thunk?

I cant wait for next episode when Russel causes the ‘chaos’ he’s been  promising by releasing the chicken…now THAT is going to be some good TV!




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