Amazing Race

23 11 2009

If there was ever an indication that education in school these days is seriously lacking, or skipping over some important topics in place of pizza parties…This show exposes it!

Exhibit A:
Destination –Prague
Question: “Do they speak Spanish there?” –  gay brother 1
Answer: “Prague? It a COUNTRY” – gay brother 2


I always wonder what my tactic would be if I were in the race. I pretty much think I would be looking fo rthe fastest and most direct route to the mark…seems logical. So Blonde couple (followed by Gay brothers) take a taxi, but Beauty Queen and husband decide to take every other possible mode of transportation to get to the same place (bus, subway…bears omy!)

The teams had to shimmy their way across a ropes course designed for normal people…as in people UNDER 6’4 and 250 pounds. This poses a problem for the Giant Globetrotters who were dangling so low, they practically walked it! All teams managed to get by unscathed and the task of finding a taxi in Prague begins again (people think getting around in NYC was difficult…try finding a taxi at the side of a mountain in Prague).

After tearfully promising eachother that they would never yell (hurl hurtful insults) at eachother again, the (forgettful) gay brothers are still the loudest team– and considering they spend most og their time assessing other team’s ethical inadequacies— they forget about that as well and steal Beauty Queen and Husbands taxi (probably one of 5 in the entire Prague fleet…), the dirtiest trick in the Amazing Race handbook.

Once again, Beauty Queen is given the challenge that requires patience and observant detection skills…both of which she seriously lacks (remember the bell counting exercise?) As the other teams quickly ransack the stunning opera house to find the hidden mini-violin, she seemingly turns over every chair in vain. All teams arrive, all teams leave…the fate of this team appears obvious.

But alas… upon arrival in LAST place at the pit-stop…Phil informs them that they are (once again) saved and will be the 4th team racing for 1 Million dollars in next weeks finale.

1st-Blonde Couple
(and they win a trip to Hawaii…to go with their sauna…)
2nd- Gay Brothers
4th-Beauty Queen and Hubby

So 4 teams will race in the finale: The All-American sweethearts, The Crafty brothers, The Crowd favourites and the Lucky ones…they all need to run their best leg next sunday…could come down to luck…or transportation (best taxi driver wins….)




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