Tuesday TV Night…

24 11 2009

Since when did Tuesday night become the BEST night on TV? Seriously, it is giving the reigning “day-of-the week” (Thursday) a run for its money!

Here’s what I’m watching tonight:

DWTS Finale Results– This is it DWTS fans…another season of barely-there costumes, Bruno ephemisms, men in tight pants, Karinas abs and fake LA spray-tans is coming to an end…TONIGHT. Tune in for a full 2 hours of past-star features, present star video vignettes, pro and non pro dances (including everyones favourite ‘losers’)…and probably another edition of Dance-centre…All that BEFORE the results are read (so if you arent game to sit through notorious ABC filler, tune in around the 10:58pm point for the winner announcement) CTV/ABC tonight at 9pm

Prediction: putting my reputation on the line…I will stick with my previous assessment and predict a Donny Osmond WIN. A fan-favourite all the way through, and had the only ‘show-stopper’ last night…I think it will be enough to propel him into the lead when it counts! (and if you think he won’t milk this one for a good year…try NOT to see him on every morning show or entertainment news program from now until next season)

Biggest Loser- It is getting dangerously close to the Finale of this show as well…you can tell, because people are starting look tiny! In particular, The Blonde girl (not even fat anymore…seriously) and Allen (all muscle now) look fantastic. But look for Danny to continue to dominate in weight loss and Rudy to dominate in challenges. I hear there is also a “Where are they now” special airing tomorrow night (a FULL hour of my favourite part of the show…the ‘reveal’ at the end!). Still unclear as to who the frontrunner is…but you gotta know  Sly Tracy is at home working her butt off to win the “at home’ challenge! Tune in tonight, NBC 8pm

SYTYCD- What will Cat wear tonight as the top 12 hit the stage this week? And more importantly, will the much anticipated Paula Abdul finally take her place at the judges table? (Seriously Paula, but down your knitting needles and get some face time already!) I’m most excited to see Russel (awww–), Ballroom Ryan (mmmm–), Ballroom Ryan’s Wife and Billy Elliott partner, and can JLO (karen) get her sexy back? I don’t know how much longer I can sit through Mollee (yes, two ee’s) TELL me how cute, perky and fun she is…my days are hard enough.

Wardrobe department dont let me down…the guys do NOT need shirts…I’ll be watching tonight, FOX 8pm

Whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV Night.




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