Leafs vs Lightning

25 11 2009

Sometimes the “Hockey Gods” show you good favour…other times they smite you. After a devastatingly undeserved loss in OT last game…The Leafs garnered HALF the shots…but the outcome was  (finally) a different story!

Result: Leafs 4 Islanders 3

The Good:

  • Rookie Gunnerson got 3 assists, helped on 3 of the 4 goals
  • Leafs NEVER got behind, they lead after the First period, second period and (obviously) the third.
  • Leafs scored 2 goals BEFORE the other team scored.
  • Hagman scored 2 (pretty, not ugly/lucky) goals, and had at least 3 good shots at a Hat-trick.
  • Kessel is becoming a face-off guy…winning 9 of 10.
  • Leafs have now had more than 30 shots in the last 6 straight games…

The Bad:

  • After scoring 2 goals and looking to cruise through the first, Leafs cough up 2 quick goals in 30 seconds…ugly.
  • Gustavsson needs to work on handling the puck better–If Tampa Bay had been a smarter and more observant team, they would have been able to capitalize on a few more bad rebounds.
  • Kessel DIDNT score.

As you can see, there were FAR more positive elements in this game for the Leafs than bad, which usually spells a win for a half-lucky team, but the Leafs have had some BAD Karma lately. But with a Sens and Habs loss…if the Leafs could get on a roll and win tomorrow night and saturday…they could be right back in the hunt for a playoff birth in a badly unperforming Eastern conference.

Next try: Tomorrow night vs Florida, LEAFS TV (boooo…)




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