25 11 2009

I know the suspense is killing you…so let me just start with…Paula Abdul was YET AGAIN absent.

But if I can move on from the initial disappointment…the rest of the night…was fantastic! ANd if Paula WAS there, she would not have been able to ar…tic…ulate…the brilliance that the top 12 displayed tonight.

Each pair had one more week together before “the split”, and performed two dances each (I get giddy when we start getting a double dose of entertainment!) Here are the highlights:

Ballroom Ryan and EllenoreLindy Hop and Broadway

  • started the night off with a bang…doing the dance my grandpa did during wartimes…a nostalgic and joyous gem of a Lindy Hop! the cotumes were fantastic (I almost didnt mind that Ryan had a shirt on…it worked)
  • Ellenore proved that she could be a stand out in the coming weeks…she is different and quirky…and I know her name after tonight, so she scored big points with me.
  • The broadway routine was just as charismatic, proving it is NOT just Ryans chest that gets them votes.
  • They definitly got lucky pulling two very memorable styles of dance..shoo-in for top 10…hate to see thme break up…but I cannot wait for Ballroom Ryan to dance with his wifey in the coming weeks!

Russel and pretty partnerSamba and Contemporary

  • Russel pulls off a headband, tight pants and open-fronted vests better than any b-boy I’ve seen.
  • Samba was a little bit forgettable…poor Russel has had ballroom and latin dances more than anyone else…
  • Contemporary piece was one of the dances of the night! It also fulfilled one of my (many) fantasies…painting yourself while dancing…beautiful routine.
  • The girl that dances with Russel is good, but remains nameless to me…I hope that doesnt have an affect on voters…I still think they are Top 10.

Ballroom Ryan’s Wifey and Billy ElliottContemporary and Cha Cha Cha

  • Their first number was beautiful, the choreographer made sure to highlight Billy Elliotts INSANE flexibility and leaping forte.
  • purple jeans…shudder.
  • The Cha Cha Cha was Ashleighs coming out party. You know the scenes in “She’s All that” or “Miss Coneniality“, where the seemingly gawky, nerdy or unassuming girl gets a makeover and turns into the hottest thing since Shakiras hips…and everyone gasps, music swells….The Cha Cha Cha was Ashleighs makeover scene! She was a poly-sci major…Sarah Palin is officially the SECOND hottest politics geek.
  • my favourite pair of the night…easy top 10.

Legacy and Noelle – Contemporary and Ballroom

  • Legacy does the most amazing entrance to a number I’ve seen on the show…backwards crab-walk. (shirtless…)
  • Ballroom piece was rough. (fully clothed)
  • Legacy is a smart cookie. And he knows how to work the judges. After the Ballroom number, he starts to cry BEFORE the judges critique him…saying he wants to inspire hope….nicely played sir. Nigel even comments on how hard it will be to provide a fair evaluation…judges eating out of his hands at this point.

Mollee and NathanHip Hip and The Can Can

  • Hip Hop number based around the invention of the telephone…considering both of these kids grew up after the invention of the CELL phone…this was awkward.
  • Nathan must be seriously benfitting from the Taylor Lautner craze…he’s a longer-haired look-alike…same abs.
  • The Can-Can was very…pink.
  • the number was fun, bubblegum and lollipops…but a little too precocious for my taste…and again, they are literally stuffing their tweeny-bop personas down my throat…
  • Perhaps in danger this week…if not , it will be interesting to see each of them “split” and try to keep up with WOMEN and MEN partners…

Victor and JLOTango and Hip Hop

  • Back performing a steamy, sultry routine, JLO was back in her element.
  • Nigel tells Victor to “tuck in his bum”… he cant help it, he has a ‘contemporary’ bum Nigel!
  • The Hip Hop routine was billed in the pre-video as a powerful statement portraying the struggle to ‘move mountain’ in this competition…unfortunatly the song was too literal ( “Move Mountains” by Usher), and the dance lacked creativity. It was a little bit lackluster…and neither dancers are string enough in personality to shine through.
  • JLO (karen) has had a journey much akin to the REAL J-LO— in which she came out of the gate sexy and edgy…but over time has faded into the background …if a comeback is in the works…lets hope she doesnt fall on HER bum!

Results show tomorrow night…




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