Wednesday TV Night

25 11 2009

We’ve made it back again to “Hump-Day” (mind out of the gutter please…) and another stellar TV line up attempts to make waking up this morning…better! Can it top last night’s Osmond win, SYTYCD performance show or Allen voted off Biggest Loser (to be followed closely by an appearance on Leno) ? 

Let’s take a look at what I’m watching tonight:

Biggest Loser: Where are they now? – Can you imagine the stress of a) competing on the Biggest Loser b) living through months of personal workout sessions (the 9th ring of hell) with Jillian, and  c) completly exposing your biggest weaknesses (inner demons, darkest secrets and “daddy issues”) on national TV…all to NEVER be safe from a “drop in” or check up (wonder if that was in the fine print of their contract…)? That makes for GREAT TV…and it’s all happening tonight!!! Beware former competitors, y’all better not have any ice cream in the freezer or pizza take-out on your speed dial…Because your favourite trainers (devil’s henchmen) will be susprising you with a visit and revealing your ability to “stay on track” and “keep it off”…for millions to watch (judge). Tune in for a full 2 hours of entertaining success stories, and the occassional falling -off- the -wagon interventions, tonight at 8pm on NBC.

SYTYCD Results- A great show last night, but 12 becomes 10 tonight! My favourites from last night were: Ballroom Ryan and Ellenore, Wife of Ballroom Ryan (Ashleigh) and Billy Elliott, and Russel (minus his partner, she was pretty, but I cant remember her…) Legace and Noelle had a solid first dance, but came up slightly short on the ballroom…but Legace did not wear a shirt and he showed his soft side (swoon) by crying– smart, very smart.

Predictions: I predict the bottom couples will be JLO and Victor, Mollee and Nathan and Russel and…his partner. In the end, I think the judges will then choose to send home JLO and Victor. Both have been in the bottom before, and both have faded into the background after starting very strong…judges are ALL about “growth”…that is what I foresee for the evening, but I will NOT be betting any useful body part or member of the family on that.  Results tonight on FOX/CTV 8pm

Leafs vs Tampa Bay- what happened to Tampa Bay? They used to be such an exciting team (much like Chicago this year), with young, fast, Canadian boys like Lacavalier , St Louis, Stamkos, Tanguay and Downie…they should be dominating every game (isnt that the kind of game the “new” NHL predicted would succeed?) But lately they have not lived up to their talent…sound familiar? The Leafs are in town tonight, and after a big confidence boosting win at home against Washington, followed by a kick in the pants loss to the Islanders…what team can we expect to show up tonight? If  the team continues to shoot from anywhere and rack up an insane shot total…eventually one or two will go in…and there is no Roloson on this team to steal a game. Tune in for another bottom-dweller duel tonight, TSN 7pm.

Other shows to try:

Dragons Den on CBC –Seriously, this is a very entertaining and intelligent show…A Canadian production, which has recently been copied in the States under the moniker “Shark Pit” (produced by the KING of Reality TV, Mark Burnett…)…but we do it better! So tune into CBC for it’s Gemini Award winning reality show where wanna-be inventors and entrepreneurs vie for money and a chance infront of 5 rich business minds. CBC 8pm

CSI NY- If you arent a fan of Horatio…This is a good option for you! CSI is the best in Police Procedral, so don’t let an eccentric red-head throw you off the wagon…The NYC version of the 3 city franchise is grittier, and has a better accent than it’s Vegas and Miami counterparts. Tune in tonight, CBS/CTV 10pm

Whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV Night.




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