Thursday Night Wrap…

26 11 2009

I tried to be positive about the TV schedule tonight, but alas…all my positive energy could not save the night that was, this thursday. I cant believe a Thursday TV Night let me down…darn you thanksgiving…darn you.

Just because it’s thanksgiving doesnt mean TV can have a night off! sigh…

Back to being a positive TV fan…Here’s a wrap up of thursday night’s TV:

Survivor- the dreaded “recap” show…SUCH a let down for every Survivor fan…you are always hoping they have FINALLY scraped this annual show…but every season it still rears it’s ugly head on an unexpected Thursday sometime mid-way through the season. But we did get to see more of Russell‘s shrewd game-playing, Chicken-catching escapades (which should be a show in itself…think about it…), Shambo being irritating and self-important and people trying to sleep in the pouring rain (ruing the day they signed up for the game thinking it would bring them fame).

A new episode has been promised to us for next week… and it looks like Shambo becomes a ” Shaman” predicting the outcome of the game, and Russell continues to dictate the outcome of the game…can he be stopped?

People of the Year Special— You just want to know who they were right? Well, you’re welcome:

  • Susan Boyle (shows the power of YouTube…and Simon Cowell)
  • Sully (guy lands an airplane in a river…he deserves a visit/interview from Matt Lauer…)
  • Kobe Bryant (wasnt he like…so 3 years ago?)
  • Pirate Hostage (yes, pirates…they exist and they all look like Johnny Depp…)
  • Octo Mom (If you came in late…you thought Matt was talking to Angelina…doppelganger…creepy.)
  • Taylor Swift (so cute, so pretty, so talented…so rudely interrupted)

If you were wondering if any show could go an entire hour WITHOUT an MJ tribute…this wasnt it. Sorry…

So Americans were busy eating their weight in turkey and playing football (watching football…lets be honest) , leaving the rest of us to struggle for thursday night entertainment on our own… I tried, better luck next thursday TV Fans!




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