From now until January…?!

27 11 2009

It is officially “The Christmas Season”. My entire street has lights up (except me), American Thanksgiving is over, Performers ( lipsyncers)  graced the Macys Holiday Parade (used it as a method of self promotion), and the 15-year old seasonal staff are wearing their reindeer horns in Walmart (with thoughts of self inflicted pain dancing in their heads).

This means one of a few things for TV Fans

1. Holiday Specials – Bring out the Peanuts characters, Muppets, Claymation and Grown men dressed as elfs…Nothing says Holiday Filler like dragging out the old classics! I cant wait to see (sing along with…) my favourites…but thank goodness it’s only once a year, I just can’t handle too many warm/ fuzzy /jolly/heart-warming/love is the greatest gift of all/happy endings. Every once and a while, you need a dose of CSI decapitation…admit it.

2. Finales – We had DWTS this week- now get ready for all your favourite reality shows to wrap up for the season. Biggest Loser, Survivor, SYTYCD… but you have a few more weeks of reality TV left, so dont start the withdrawal depression yet. Those are easily the most entertaining shows on TV at this point, so Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are still great nights to stay in!

3. Sports- Lots of sports…maybe now is a good time to become a fan of football, hockey and curling (don’t judge me…) In the coming months, you will witness Grey Cups, Super Bowls, Junior Hockey tournys, Curling Olympic qualifiers…and then of course the APEX of sport competition…the OLYMPICS! This is a great chance to get into sports….any sport: speed skating, skiing, luge, bobsledding, figure skating….start now so that in February you will be jsut as excited as I am to watch non-stop/ 24 hour television…(you think I wont…I already have an “olympic” shirt to wear…)

4. Coming Soon! The anticipation of some amazing-night-filling shows in January/February has already got me giddy— American Idol, Apprentice and all the returning favourites…It will be here before you know it!

So embrace the season, you’re favourite shows may be ending or re-running…but Christmas TV still has alot to offer…take my advice: relive your favourite classics, get into sports, settle in for some seriously exciting finales, and (try to stay sane) wait for all the new and returning shows in the new year!





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