Amazing Race

29 11 2009

Did I miss something? I was under the impression that THIS week was the finale! I’ll admit that I was wrong if we can just…move on

The 4 teams were in the Czech Republic (aka Czechoslovakia…yes I looked up the spelling…) where they explored some interesting “extremes”…let me run it down for you:

Extreme Word Challenge: Teams had to do a word scramble to figure out the name “Franz Kafka”…some teams were lucky, some teams were talented (intelligent) , and some teams were seriously challenged (to put it nicely). The Globetrotters were one of the latter teams. The Big guy had the letters for the name “Franz” for 2.5 hours and could not come up with the correct answer. He thought he would have help when Gay Brother came in and told him they would work together (riiiiight….). So when Gay Brother came up with the answer…he decided to change his mind (screw over the struggling Globetrotter) and left with the “hint” that it started with “F” (you know what else starts with F…??I’ll leave it at that…).

Extreme Cold: Hey Sudbury, Yellow Knife and Iqualit…you lose! The teams had to immerse themselves in a cold tank in temperatures of -134c for 2 minutes. Beauty Queen had never seen a number that big. Heck, she doesnt even weigh 134 p0unds! But seriously, 2 minutes? try 5 months out of the year

Extreme Alcoholism: way to stereotype Europeans as alcoholic “football” loonies…Maybe I’m glad they DIDNT come to Canada. Can you imagine? ANyways, Beauty Queen and hubby had to mix shots as their roadblock (Hubby claimed he never drinks a lick of alcohol…but he downed that shot like Lindsay Lohan on her birthday…) and then chose to deliver 30 glasses of beer to a local pub. Along the way they encounter (planted, fake…) drunks roaming the street and stealing their beer. Who knew Czech was the modern day Soddom and Gomora?

Extreme hissy fits: I seem to remember a touching moment two weeks ago where the Gay brothers broke down infront of Phil and vowed never to yell or say hurtful things to eachother again…so precious. Cue this weeks episode, where while lugging a wooden statue through the streets of the Czech Republic, they spewed more “hurtful insults” and the word “shut up” more times thanyou might hear in a highschool cheerleader competition. Boys will be boys…

Extreme stupidity: After the Big Globetrotter had tried to put 5 letters together for 2.5 hours, he decided it would be better in the “long run”, and a smarter “strategic move” to just wait out a 4 hour penalty than complete the challenge. Really?! you don’t think in less than 4 hours you coulf have come up with the 5-letter answer? You can only be wrong so many times ….5 permutations of 5 letters…you can do the math, but I think it would work out to….LESS THAN 4 HOURS of idley sitting on stairs and waiting til the sun comes up. Stupid.

1. Blonde Couple
(winning big screen TV’s to go with their Hot Tubs…)
2. Gay Brothers (shut uuuuuup!)
3. Beauty Queen and Hubby (not at all drunk luck…)

Tune in next week for the FINALE (maybe you should look it up to be sure….) Sunday CTV/CBS 8pm




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