Leafs vs Buffalo

30 11 2009

Result: Leafs 0 Buffalo 3

Another Monday-night Misfortune for the Leafs… If you recall, last monday Duane Roloson stood on his head and had a career defining game vs the Maple Leafs. Tonight, The Leafs were at home for a “Battle of the QEW”...and you know the game is NOT going to go your way when a guy who hasnt scored in more than a year (76 games to be exact…) finally breaks his slump…against you.

But the score never really tells the full story (I feel like a broken record here…). The Leafs did not play a lacklustre game, or get embarassingly out-played at home…in fact, you could say they were the better team…only lacking a goalie named Ryan Miller with second-coming -esque abilities.

Here’s a Summary:

The Good-

  • Komisarek was back in the Line-up, and played a good clean agressive game– shades of his former glory days.
  • Kessel…no he did not score, but he had 6 shots on his own, and at least 4 good chances to net one…but he had to get past Miller, and that just was not in the cards.
  • Leafs go 10 straight games with more than 30 shots, garnering 40 tonight.
  • Ryan Miller wants an Olympic job…way to shove it down our throats.
  • Leafs won the first and second periods…only down by 1 goal going into the third….but then…

The Bad-

  • The Leafs were NOT in any state to start play in the third. Out of the gate, Buffalo scored an ugly goal. (What was said during intermission? Did someone order a pizza or something?)
  • Yikes…Baby Leaf Carl Gunnarsson is out with an “upper body injury“…looked bad, sorry to say.
  • Miller made Gustavsson look scrambled and mediocre in net…
  • Leafs start a very busy week on the wrong foot…but the next few are on the road…and having fans seems to spook the Leafs.

Next try: Tomorrow vs Montreal (crossing fingers for NORMAL jerseys…) TSN 7pm




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