Monday TV Night

30 11 2009

After the weekend TV drought…Monday ushers in a new week of TV watching!

But alas! What to do now that Donny(a little bit rock n roll…)Osmond has won DWTS heralding the conclusion of the dancing season, and the end of a Monday night staple? I fear the worst… Reruns, Holiday Specials and the hope (prayer) that a Sporting event will take place.

I’m here with you, never fret…I will always be able to find something for us to watch tonight…So here are my suggestions for this Monday TV Night:

Hoarders: I will warn you right now…if you have any emotionally destructive or psycho-compulsive  tendancies, this is a scary scary show. Frightning….to think that having a slight compulsion, OCD, or “daddy” issues may lead to this disease. This show exposes that creey house at the end of your street…you know the one— Where you hardly ever see the people who live there, and when you happen to be downwind, a strange smell eminates the walls. Inside this house, there may be 7 ft high piles of garbage, 25-year old canned goods and every birthday card ever received by the owner…taking up the entire floorspace of the house. It is an unbelievable show…in that you cannot believe that human beings could ever have the capacity to live this way. It’s definitly worth a watch… but kids, careful. Your mom WILL make you clean your room if you watch this show together…guaranteed. Tune in Tonight on A/E 10pm

Leafs vs Buffalo- The Maple Leafs are coming off a two-game win streak (start the parade), and Buffalo has been one of the hottest teams this season. Will the Leafs win a season-first 3 games in a row? The keys to this game will be the continued hot-streaks of Hagman (the sudden standout) , Kessel (the pricey saviour) and Gunnarsson (the newest baby Leaf). A win tonight would propel the Leafs into (the elite club) position to overtake some of the struggling Southeast division teams like Florida and Tampa Bay, and would put some pressure on the uncharacteristic low-acheiving Eastern teams like Montreal and Ottawa (boooo). Toronto is getting more confident, and stars are beginning to emerge…and in this city, thats as good as contending… Game tonight RSO 7pm

Other Options:

House:  (one of the only NEW episodes on TV) Fox/Global 8pm
Find my Family: (another invasive personal tragedy show…) ABC 9pm
The Grinch: (
the original…the classic…I still have it on VHS)  CBC 8pm

Whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV Night!





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