Biggest Loser

1 12 2009

The final 4 lose close to 300 pounds! Okay, that’s misleading…they “shed” their trainers for 60 days and were forced to go (horror of horrors…) HOME!

Don’t worry, both Bob and Jillian (Lucifer’s assistant) dropped in on all the contestants to make sure they were on the right track (going to the gym more than they were sleeping, eating or living life).

They were also hit with the Marathon challenge. Hint: its exactly what it sounds like. After 60 days at home, the contestants had to return to run a marathon…thats 26.2 miles in case you were wondering (and 42 km for the Canadians in the bunch). Apparantly it’s everybodys “dream” to complete a marathon (really?!)–It’s my dream to meet John Lennon…some dreams are just destined to fail. But NOT in this case… All four “losers” completed the run– after having past contestants, family and friends joining them (for just long enough to get face time).

I was also worried that Bob and Jillian would be there…and they DID join them at the 25th mile (cop outs!) and ran with them to the finish line. They also had previouslyt recorded videos from their “old self” —showing the uncanny ability for NBC to create drama by planning ahead!

After ALL that…they also had to hit the scales! The bottom two would be forced into the unknown “limbo”…In Americas hands to send them to the finals. They HAVE had 60 days to lose the weight, and they DID just run a marathon (which would be enough to drain every ounce of sweat/blood and tears out of me)…so what would the scale say? In the end, it will be a battle of both the men vs the women, and the old vs the young as The ladies dropped below the yellow line. Both Young Blonde Amanda and Paula Dean Liz are in your hands America! Heavy weights DAnny and Rudy guaranteed their position in the finals and will be duking it out as they have all season.

I’m expecting some very tiny people to come out next week…it’s a very competitive final!




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