Monday TV Night Wrap

1 12 2009

I’m not ashamed to admit it…I miss Dancing with the Stars. (I would even sit through another insipid Samantha interview…its that bad.)

But for those of us going through withdrawal (I’m still going to watch TV…) and denial (there must be SOMETHING I can watch  tonight…), we continued to flip through the channels, and latched onto something to fill a few hours…and here’s what we found:

Hoarders freaked me right out.  I spent most of the episode with squinted eyes and a perma-repulsed look on my face. A woman living in filth, 3 foot high piles of garbage , no running water but lots of running vermin. Her son used to sleep with a fan on to drown out the sounds of roaches in the garbage….(shudder!) As gross as it all sounds,  it’s like a car crash–you know you’re going to see something you don’t want to see…yet you can’t help but stare and find out all the gory details. Reality TV in it’s darkest and most intrusive form… makes for very interesting television.

Leafs lost. see previous post for my recap.

Tons of NHL injuries…most notable, Alexander (the great) Ovechkin tries to knee-on-knee someone ELSE but gets the brunt of the pain…more details upon examination. And the highlight reel injury, after letting in a bad goal, Panther player smashes his stick on the goal post…but it wasnt a goal post he hit…He swung for the fences, and ended up hitting his Goalie Thomas Vokoun…wanna see? I’ve never seen anything like it….here’s a link (you’re welcome!) 

New Orleans remains perfect with a win over Pretty Tom Brady and his Pats. (but I guess he still gets to go home to his supermodel wife and multi-multi-million dollar estate…so who loses really?)

And I spent the rest of my evening cleaning my room in shear panic and fear… How was YOUR monday?




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