Tuesday TV Night

1 12 2009

The (new) reigning “Best TV Night of the Week” has rolled around again–so shrug off Monday night’s dismal line up and get ready for a very entertaining Tuesday!

Here’s What I’m watching Tonight:

Biggest Loser- It’s the final 4… so you know what that means— Marathon week! Thats right contestants, nothing like running a 26 mile marathon to bring you closer to death than you’ve ever been (didya hear that diebetes?). And I hear some previous contestants will be showing up to “cheer on” (put to shame and show off their weigh-loss success) the final four during their run. Lets just hope they have enough “cheerleaders” and they dont invite (devil’s spawn) Jillian to encourage (hurl insults and bring up emotional psychosis) them as well. This is the week before the finale- so you gotta believe the people working the HARDEST right now are the ones at home (hardcore Tracy) getting ready for the scale next tuesday.
For those who need a recap, the contests still standing (living) are: Family Man Danny, Big Farmer Rudy, Not-fat anymore Amanda, and Paula -Dean Liz…pick a favourite and start watching tonight! 

NBC 9pm (careful…it’s starting one hour later than usual…take note fans!)

SYTYCD- Top 10 week…and all of the couples have broken up, and will be choosing new partners at random tonight (sorry twilight cuties Mollee and Nathan). So the possibility that Ballroom Ryan will dance with his Wifey, or Russell might get his own style, or Legace may be shirtless, is enough to make me very excited for this week! There’s always that unlikely possibility that Paula Abdul will (leave her house) make the effort to (revive her career) join the judging panel, which would add some drama (lunacy and in-articulation) and credibility (ummm….) to the show. And who knows, maybe a Jackson will show up (cue Latoya…)! So for all those going into dance -withdrawal after the finale of DWTS, now would be the perfect time to tune in and see some (seriously talented and not yet a D-lister) dancers! Airs tonight at 8:30 (yes, half an hour alter than ususal…dont send me nasty notes) CTV/FOX

Leafs vs Montreal- No need to fish for any incentive to watch this one… greatest rivalry in sport. Leafs are on the road (whew) and Habs are under-performing (whew)…could be another great battle for the ever-important 2 points. TSN 7pm

Victoria Secret Fashion Show- Ironic. airing on the same night as Biggest Loser. Either way, I’m not snacking tonight. Who’s a Victoria Secret model anymore? Tyra –nope, Gisele –pregnant, Heidi-perma-pregnant… I guess we will find out tonight, (if you feel like your self esteem is solid) and I hear the Black Eyed Peas are performing. Tune in to watch the “fashion”, “music” and “art”…CBS 8pm.

Whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV Night.



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