10 Most Fascinating 2009

2 12 2009

As the calendar year changes, some things will never change. Like Barbara Walter’s annual Most Fascinating People of the Year special. “Most Fascinating” means something different to everyone, but this year, it is by definition those who have had the most face time , google name searches, scandalous press releases and people who know people who are fascinating.

Here is the list:

  1. Adam Lambert – not only did he NOT win American Idol, he performed the most talked about AMA number and proved once and for all…that he is gay. (shocker!)
  2. Sarah Palin – Is she still around? I thought she retired? This year she’s an author and the almost-mother-in-law of a smarmy dead beat teenager/model. Must be tough.
  3.  Kate Gosselin – She’s the mother of 8…but that’s not her biggest problem. It’s the balding mid-life crisis she married.
  4.  Glenn Beck- Fox News. That’s all I know…
  5. Lady Gaga- I wouldve liked to see kanye try interrupting this woman. She wouldve impaled him with her bra/hair pice/baton/shoulder pads.
  6. Michael Jacksons Kids- I guess even Barbara Walters couldnt lure the real thing.
  7. Jenny  Sanford- Scorned wife of a governor who cheated. Isnt there one every year?
  8. Brett Favre- The ex-Cheese Head who will never be able to eat in a Wisconsin diner ever again. Must be tough.
  9. Tyler Perry- Oprah’s buddy. They shouldve interview Gayle…
  10. ?? MYSTERY?? (my predictions are either: Oprah, Taylor Swift, Obama, Octomom or Ellen Degeneres)

I guess we will have to tune in for an hour or more to find out who landed that mystery spot…Any Guesses?

2009’s 10 Most Fascinating will air on ABC Dec 9th.




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9 12 2009
Wednesday TV Night « TV Night

[…] and list of the 9 that have been revealed in a previous posting —remind yourself here: https://tvnight.wordpress.com/2009/12/02/10-most-fascinating-2009/  I would tune in just to see who wears more make-up…Gaga or Lambert. My predictions still […]

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