Saturday TV Night

5 12 2009

I’m happy to be the bearer of good news- this weekend is “re-run” free— a breath of fresh air after a disappointing, re-run laiden week.

Here’s what I’m watching tonight:

Leafs vs Bruins-
This is a big night for Phil (the saviour) Kessel, as he faces his old team for the first time this season. Will he continue on his two-point per game tear he’s been on lately? Will the pressure be too overwhelming? Will Chara trample him like roadkill? The Bruins are coming off a tough and emotionally draining loss in La Belle Province (Montreal) which had their (neverending) 100 year celebration last night, and the Bruins were the victims to a celebratory shellacking. Will Tim Thomas be back in net for Boston…either way, The Leafs will face a less-reliable back up or a potentially unstable number one goalie. Ron Wilson is going with Joey McDonald in net (Toskala went from “number one” to Option C in a matter of 20 games…unbelievable). Leafs have won points in 7 straight games and are on a modest “roll”…but Boston will be a test of talent and the ability to hold momentum. Tune in tonight, CBC 7pm

It’s new, Blake Lively (Gossip Girl) is hosting, Rihanna (the reinvention) is performing, and they are (finally coming to their senses) using Kristin Wiig far more often…a very good bet for saturday night! I hear the next three SNL’s are new, that will take us all the way to Christmas…thank you NBC! Tune in tonight if only to see Kristin Wiig do her Kathy-Lee impersonation, or Rihanna wearing something spikey (stay clear Mr.Brown)  or that lights up. NBC 11:30pm

Have a great Saturday and an even better TV Night.




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