Amazing Race: Finale

6 12 2009

**Spoiler Alert!**

If you PVR’d, TiVo’d, old fashioned “taped” this episode…go no further…(but come back after you’ve watched it…please.)

Remember the set up: The three teams in contention were, The Gay Brothers, The Blonde Couple and Beauty Queen and Hubby. All three jet-setted back to “the home-land” where Taxi drivers WILL race (for face time), Money will get you anywhere (bribing…it’s the American way!) and neither is hard to come by (remember trying to find a taxi on a mountain-side in Czech?).

So really, it all came down to a) who had the most insane (fame hungry) Cabby, b) who knew the geographic landmarks of Vegas and c) who could stay the most calm in a city that thrives on impulse and major stakes.

First the Teams had to repel face-first down the Mandelay Hotel. Result: 1. Beauty Queen 2. Blonde and 3. Gay brother. Next, the teams joined the Cirque du Soleil (Canadian content for once!) and bounced their way to getting their next clue. Result: 1. Blondes 2. Gay Brothers 3. Beauty Queen /Hubby. Finally, Teams had to count out 1 Million dollars worth of casino chips at the Monte Carlo. And it was a race to the finish from there…

(after a quick stop to give Wayne Newton and his ranch a cameo…)

FINAL result: The Blonde Couple wins!

Highlights and Lowlights:

  • The Gay Brothers try to make amends for past indiscretions by playing the blame game: “Blame your cab driver, he took us…we didnt TAKE HIM”…right. You play the game…you have to OWN it…don’t wimp out.
  • Blonde Cheyne repels the entire wall….eyes closed.
  • Beauty Queen completely embarassed herself at the Cirque challenge by acting like a four year old who is sent to bed early. seriously. She had JUST finished saying (mounting the pulpit and preaching) that Beauty Queens are “more than most expect”. Thats funny, because she acted EXACTLY how I expected.
  • The Gay Brothers forget Wayne Newton’s name, and struggle to come up with it as they are meeting him…ouch.
  • Beauty Queen (uncharacteristically) freaks out at the counting challenge….”lets just start over“…Hubby, you’ve got your work cut out for you.
  • As the Gay Brothers run in to the finish line, those two poker player girls were crying and fawning over them…someone told them they were gay right? No chance ladies!…but wait for a bit and I’m sure Beauty Queen’s hubby will be “free”.
  • My prediction held up (see previous posts) …The Blonde Couple wins. They were the team I was hoping would win…that is, if I couldnt.

Rumour has it new couples have beenspotted racing throughout remote places all over the world (Canada…please?)  filming the NEXT season…until then…I’ll keep you posted.




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