Sunday TV Night

6 12 2009

What better way to start off a new week (or end one…depending on what calendar method you subscribe to) than with some really entertaining television? I am happy to bring you good news (tidings of great joy…), there is lots to keep you occupied on TV tonight…no need to make plans.

Here’s what I’m watching tonight:

Amazing Race-
It’s the FINALE! Thats right, the race “around the world” (mostly Europe and Asia…never Canada) will come to an end in Las Vegas tonight! The three final teams are as follows:

Gay Brothers: They have long been complaining that the other teams are mean and lack moral compasses. Yet, they are really the only team to have stolen someone’s cab (Amazing Race cardinal sin numero uno) and outright lie to get ahead. No one is judging, the game is just as much about “outwitting” at times…just dont whine and kabitz about everyone else’s indescretionary acts. They will so their darndest in this last leg to position themselves to win tonight, which always makes for great TV moments! If they can stop bickering and cat-fighting with eachother…they definitly stand a chance of manoevering a first place finish.

Blonde Couple: Have been the frontrunners more times than not all throughout this race…and are probably odds on favourite to win this season. THey have everything going for them…speed, agility, endurance, youth (…god-given good looks, rosy red cheeks and sun-kissed blonde hair) which often comes in handy in challanges. If they can maintain their pace, continue to fly through the roadblocks/detours, and (charm) snag the best cab-driver… any sprint to the finish is theirs to win.

Beauty Queen and Hubby: If the Blonde Couple is the frontrunner, this couple has been ekeing out their spot in “come-from-behind” form all season. They have twice been “out” but kept in due to non-eliminations or other teams mistakes. I would not have picked them to be running for the cool million in the finale, but this is Vegas, and this is reality TV…anything can happen! If they keep getting lucky, and fate is on their side tonight…they could pull out a big win when it counts and shock the other racers. That would really be something. Worth watching right?

Tune in for the exciting conclusion! I know you want a prediction, so here goes…Blonde Couple for the win. Just a hunch. CBS/CTV 8pm

Other Suggestions:

  • NFL (Seattle vs SF) 4pm Sportsnet
  • Curling (huge. Olympic trials all this week…more to come…so start watching now) TSN 3pm
  • Cold Case (always entertaining for those who love the “red-herring” police procedural) CTV 10pm

Whatever you decide to watch (make sure it’s Amazing Race), have a great TV Night.




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