Biggest Loser: Finale

8 12 2009

The “Weight” is over…(sorry…I know that was painful.) After months of 6-hour gym days, tasteless food, “aha” moments, emotional resolutions, belly exposure on prime-time TV and (lets face it…the worst fate…) Jillian’s lack of personal space… ALL contestants returned to face the (jumbo) scale for the last time this season.

There were lots of gasps, lots of standouts…and some surprises, all the ingredients for a great Biggest Loser finale! It has really come a long way since its inception year…people are ALL losing over the “100” mark within weeks of being on the rance, and SERIOUSLY stepping it up outside the ranch.

My first standout was Antoine…the guy who was one of the first to be voted out—so he became a 200 pounder without rolling tires through the wilderness and the luxury of a 24 hour gym. Amazing. He was in the lead for “at home” players until Julio (another one I’m afraid to say I had forgotten about) another early departer from the ranch. Looked fantastic. No one usurped his lead until…(sigh….I dont wanna say I told you so…) Tracy (evil game player who would stop at nothing to win $$$) who did not “disappoint”.

She represents the problem I have with this show. Some people cannot seperate the game (the money) from life. This woman was extreme. She was an “extreme” game-player on the rance, and she continued her exreme behaviour off it. She looked almost ill…like each pound she lost was another step towards her cash-cow (mind the pun) and she was willing to lose ANY amount that would take her there —but isnt that the point? It shouldnt be. But it’s been a recurring theme in the past few seasons…people coming back waaaaay skinnier than they need to be to be considered “healthy” which was always the intention and original goal. But I digress…she was a waif and she was winning.

until— an almost unrecognizable contestant graced the stage in a new hair colour, cut and minidressRebecca (the girl who used to be a dark haired cutie ) turned blonde and opted to wear (her halloween hooker costume) the mini-est dress she could find— on live TV.  But if anyone would take tracey on…it would be her….i counted more bones on her ribcage, so that’s how I made that assumption. And so it was…Rebecca taking the “At home” prize…kind of a let down.

But the real prize was up for grabs…and after an excruciating amount of re-caps, video vigniettes, family features and inspirational speeches…the final three (after an hour and a half of build up) came out!

Rudy—looked better than I thought…amazing!
Amanda— looked super cute and appropriate (after reminding me to my breaking point that she was “Americas Choice”…)
Danny—totally different guy…unbelievable tranformation!

Result? Danny wins the cool quarter-million!

The next season starts in January folks (just enough time after the Christmas season to shame everyone into getting a gym membership to work off the turnip-puffs and apple pie).




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