Monday Wrap

8 12 2009

Uncharacteristic for this time of year–This monday was (surprisingly) full of new content to tune into…and I’m SURE you watched at least one or two Christmas Specials (hard NOT to…we were kind of cornered!)

Did you watch one of these?

Carrie Underwoods Christmas Variety Show-
This one came up really quickly…and everytime I thought about whether or not to watch…I was torn (but of course..I did). When the idea of a show forces people to scrunch their faces/squint in confusion, or emit a “really?!?” (meaning…”what the heck?!”)–it’s usually a sign that most people will watch out of pure curiosity to see if it will be better than they imagine. The show was in the traditional variety format of yore– singing, lots of guests, behind-the-scenes skits etc. At first I couldnt really get my head around the focus…was it supposed to be Christmas–sy, or was it just a Carrie concert at Christmastime, or was it a chance to see Carrie and some friends have a Christmas-esque party? I decided just to stop over-thinking (around the time her mom came out to “sing”) and enjoy the kinds of programming (corn) that passes (people put up with) this time of year. Carrie is adorable, she sings really well, she has lots of talented friends and a very cute family…thank you for giving me something to watch for two-hours in place of Dancing with the Stars.

Leafs vs Thrashers-

Result: Leafs 5 Thrashers 2

After an “I-Dont-Wanna-Talk-About-It” game on saturday night…I watched last night as a loyal (yet resigned to another embarassing slide) Leaf fan…and was pleasantly hopeful after getting through the first period without a deficit. After the intermission, The Leafs came out with a mission…and with a renewed (or just…new) propensity for breakaways, tape to tape passes and rebound control…the second and third period was ALL Leafs (welcome back Antropov and Kubina…good riddance…)

The Good:

  • Leafs scored the first (second, third AND fourth) goal!
  • Toskala (the rare) made some game-savers early on to give the Leafs a chance.
  • The Leafs had a couple of great odd-man rushes (that in most games do not materialize), but one in particular was a 3-1…and they capitalized on the chance!
  • Poni got two goals within 2 minutes of eachother…in pretty fashion!
  • The leafs didnt visit the penalty box very often…which is also rare.
  • A win at home.

The Bad-

  • Grabovski passing instead of shooting on more than three ocassions that could have given him some (much needed) points on the board. This guy is all speed, all finese…but no results!
  • Failed to capitalize on a 2-man powerplay for almost 2 full minutes…what has happened to our powerplay prowess?
  • Thrashers looked stunned throughout the game— lots of giveaways, odd-man rushes, penalties and no defense infront of their young goalie. Shame on you.
  • Kessel didnt score! (save it for thursday against Boston Phil…)

Next try: Wednesday vs Islanders

You Might also have run into: The Santa Clause (my only favourite Tim Allen vehicle), Christmas Shoes (Isnt hearing the song enough?), Lots of NFL and lots of Curling (try it…do it….)




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