SYTYCD Results

9 12 2009

Still snowed in…but it gave me an excuse to stay in and watch an entire night of television (like I need an excuse at this point…)

So I thought I had misunderstood…but it seems as though the “finale” IS next week and will feature 6 dancers vying for the prize. 6…in the finals…way to rewrite reality tv norms producers. In every other show it is 2 or 3 in the end….but this show stareted the “final 4” thing and are expanding to a (new pre-Christmas format…) “final 6” thing. I cant pretend to understand the reasoning…but then I still cant understand why Nigel dangled the “Paula Abdul Carrot” only to never dangle it again…

At any rate…just keeping you up to date…next week IS indeed the finale…but this week…top 8 became (the final) top 6.

The bottom 4 were: Ballroom Ryan (as predicted), Legace (as predicted), Mollee (a surprise…but a pleasant one for me) and Ellenore (another surprise…an unpleasant one). Proving that even NOT dancing—people like Ashliegh better than Mollee…gotta hurt.

So all 4 re-danced their solos, an Asian version of the Pussycat Dolls performed (only about 3 years too late for originality and huge success), and the American Idol (Adam Lambert….oh wait…family show) Kris Allen sang.

The result: Legace (imparting his last “I am an inspiration” speech) and Mollee (imparting her last “I am cuter than you” speech) left the show.

Next week is the Top 6 finale…watch for a Paula Abdul “drop in”…it’s her last chance.




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