9 12 2009

Two surprises right off the top.

1. Ashleigh (wifey) is injured. Won’t be dancing, instead she made numerous appearances throughout the show to remind us (who she was) to vote for her.

2. The empty chair was back…Now they are just screwing with me right? Do they fully expect Paula Abdul to drop everything she’s currently involved in (…) to join the panel? If she is going to make any kind of appearance now, it will be at the finale (when the most people are watching) as the long awaited guest.

Now, on to the night’s performances…

The Good:

  • Jakob still manages to show off his Billy Elliot legs in any routine he is given…
  • Russel FINALLY gets his own style to dance …but see “the bad”…because he also has to dance it with a teachers aid.
  • A SWEET number by Travis Wall (although somewhat unoriginal for this show…this particular table scene has been done before…) pitted Legace and Ellenore against eachother in a scene from Mr and Mrs Smith (Jolie/Pitt)
  • Mollee is paired with a formidable dancing partner, which forced her to shed her High School Musical-esque dance style and grow to match the undenyable brilliance of Jakob. And she could have been a trainwreck…but she wasnt…
  • Ballroom Ryan and Kathryn (i still had to look this one up) had an outstanding Cha Cha…but a mediocre disco.

The Bad:

  • The judges fight over whether real men wear sequins… (if you can pull it off like Ballroom Ryan…there’s no question of manhood)
  • Russel forced to dance with “assistants” in lieu of Ashleigh’s injury…I hope thjose girls arent trying to get famous, because the camera rarely caught glimpse of them.
  • Ballroom Ryan and Kathryn pulled two somewhat unfortunate dances, one “nostalgic party dance” (disco) and the Cha Cha…and although the latter was a good dance…none were overly memorable.
  • Legace and Ellenore were I’m sure THRILLED to pull a hip-hop routine (to show off more Legace bare chest and highflying moves) but it didnt amount to the pre-hype.

Here goes, the prediction: I think Ballroom Ryan has been on the outs for 3 weeks…Ballroom dancers NEVER win (sorry to say) and no amount of begging and pleading can make voters overlook the fact that Ashleigh did not dance a step last night. Sigh…I was hoping (wishing, praying having dreams about) the first husband and wife duo would have the chance to dance together….I think the producers missed the boat on that one!

We’ll see if my BOLD prediction stands tonight, 8pm FOX/CTV.




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