Wednesday TV Night

9 12 2009

Tuesday night is a hard one to follow…but this Wednesday certainly has the chutzpa to make it close! Especially if you are snowed in like I am…you will appreciate (take your mind off the arrogance and pure evil of the city plows…) having lots to tune into tonight!

Here’s what I’m watching tonight:

2 more get eliminated tonight, making 8 into 6…and one more week until the finale! I have already made mention of my prediction for the outcome—I think the time has come for married couple Ballroom Ryan and Wifey Ashleigh. If this does come about, producers will have completly missed out a rare opportunity for a (seriously attractive) married pair to dance TOGETHER on the show…real chemistry onscreen (like Brad and Angie in Mr & Mrs Smith…once in a lifetime chance!) But then, perhaps if they both get eliminated they will treat us to an impromptu final dance (and they lived happily ever after…) We shall see…The only others I see as “at risk” would be Kathryn(because she was ballroom Ryans partner)  and Legace (due to his lacklustre hip hop routine and solo).

results tonight, FOX/CTV 8pm

Barbara Walter’s Special: 10 Most fascinating (in her opinion…) People-
I made the announcement, and list of the 9 that have been revealed in a previous posting —remind yourself here: 
I would tune in just to see who wears more make-up…Gaga or Lambert. My predictions still stand for who will get the unique annual honour of being “the most fascinating” (most personally invaded, most exposed private life…) and they are: Oprah, Taylor Swift, Obama, Octomom, Mackenzie Phillips or Ellen Degeneres. I think those are all good guesses…thoughts?

tune in for the big reveal, ABC 10pm (so late? Lambert must be performing…)

Leafs vs Islanders-
After Duane Roloson STOLE a game away form the Leafs in their last bout— The struggling Islanders (to put it lightly) will be looking to repeat the effort tonight in Toronto. But the Leafs won their last game and have been on a bit of an encouraging point-streak as of late—so no doubt they will be looking to feast on a team lacking in confidence (if there’s something we know all too well…it’s that sometimes its hard to win …when you suck.)

Leafs take on Tavares…err…The Islanders tonight 7pm TSN

Whatever you decide to watch (post-shoveling), have a great TV Night.




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