10 12 2009

Even Survivor is feeling the “rush” before the holidays, tonight producers decided to have TWO eliminations…therefore TWO chances for Russel to vote out people he finds useless, a threat or knows too much about him.

As mentioned, both challenges tonight were for immunity…in the first challenge, Jaison wins in abowling match against Shambo (who never looked more comfortable, even giving a shout out to her bowling league)—that’s twice in a row for the notoriously non-performing Big Man. He also stirs the pot a little by tooting his own horn back at camp. He reveals to the other tribe that He and Russel have strategized TOGETHER the entire time…he was just the “nicer” of the two great minds. right. He also let slip that a)Russel is a millionaire and b) he thinks he could beat him if he didnt have the immunity. They should ALL know by now that saying anything against Russel will come back to bite you…eventually.

In the first elimination…Shambo’s prophesy comes true, and Dave goes home.

At the second immunity challenge—The nice guy Brett wins (ironically jsut after everyone had decided he would be the next to go…coincidence or good editing?) and as the team arrives back home…the last minute scramble rears its ugly head in the form of a surprising new villain. Monica. (who?) The little girl who usually is considered “useful” only for an extra vote for a majority… but sensing she is on the outs…she confronts the only player that makes any decisions…Russel. She informs him of Jaison’s revealing conversation…and Russel (goes Hulk green) loses it. His old tribe is lucky he did not come at them wielding a stick or large rock…because he was scary. So the question is…does hegather a (quick but always do-able) new alliance, or stay the course and vote Monica?

At the second tribal… Russel decides to show off his immunity…taunting and daring people to vote for him…by sticking it in plain view around his neck. No real surprise in the outcome…Monica is the second casualty of the night.

only two episodes left…Will Russel make it all the way? Will the other contestants be able to swing a coup without him catching on and using his immunity?

tune in next week for another battle of wits…that’s what this game comes down to.




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