Thursday TV Night

10 12 2009

Remember when Thursday night used to reign supreme as the “must watch” TV Night? Well, it has lately been usurped by the likes of tuedays and wednesdays…but it still offers some good reasons to stay in and not make any plans.

Here’s what I’m watching tonight:

THE reason to get excited for thursday night…this show is absolutly amazing this season! Russel is a player we have not seen the likes of since Boston Rob (slimy, deceptive AND got the girl who ended up winning), Johnny Rotten (the dead grandma goes down in history) or even Richard Hatch (the orginal “snake”). But Russel has managed to not only outsmart the players…but also the entire game! He anticipated “multiple idols” and found them all. He came tot he island to “win” not to “win money“…there’s a difference.

And as much as I could go on about Russel, there are other players in this game…all who have yet to fully realize the power of Russel. Shambo has trusted him from the first southern-charming session. But last week, she was kept on the outs in the decidion to vote out John. Will her eyes fianlly be open to her role as either the “swing” vote or the useless decoy vote?

Dave is also starting to develop his own plans and (if he was really intelligent) could align himself with enough people to take out Russel. It looks as though Jaison and Mick could be persuaded in that direction if the deal was firm enough.

The girls are all useless pawns (whatever happened to strong female contestants? right…they get voted off early as “threats”) and will go along with whoever has majority and sleeps the closest to them.

There are still plenty of good (new) episodes left until the finale of this show, so if you have NOT bought into this franchise for a while, this would be a great time to start…seriously. (Hint: Russel is the pilsbury -dough- boy looking one with the southern accent and the devil’s blessing) tonight, 8pm CBS/Global

Leafs vs Boston-
You might do a double take…Boston again? The answer is yes. Boston again. But this time the Leafs are coming off of two very solid games, their confidence is high, and Kessel is NOT the only guy scoring. Toronto is also coming off a pretty busy schedule–they played last night and monday night, and will play again on saturday…you can thank the Olympics for that! So…the question is…are the Leafs capable of pulling this off? If they do, they will gain another 2 points in their run for 8th place in the East, they will have defeated a nemisis that brutally embarassed them in their last meeting, and will put together an astonishing 3-game win streak.

Most will not be able to watch tonight (thanks to Leafs TV) but you can follow the Twitter play-by-play here: you are welcome. Puck drops tonight 7pm, Leafs TV

Other suggestions:

Three comedies that are all holiday themed and new tonight: Parks and Recreation (NBC 8:30) The Office (NBC 9pm) and 30 Rock (NBC 9:30) (…wow NBC dominates the laugh factory tonight…)

Whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV Night.



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