Friday TV Night (or lack thereof…)

11 12 2009

My blog can only thrive on the decision of networks to actually put ENTERTAINMENT on the air every night! Therefore, the following post is dedicated to scrambling, pre-season programming put together by stations who think I won’t be in on a friday night…or that I enjoy seeing reruns of floundering (and redundant) police procedurals. sigh…

Here’s what I’m ( being forced into) watching tonight:

Spectacle: Elvis Costello interview Bono and the Edge-
Okay, this is slightly peaks my hipster interest…old blues/rock and roll legend meets old (and new) prog-rock do-gooders. You are destined to be a legend when your name is either: Elvis, Bono or “The Edge“…seriously. This interview as done in secrecy, in a backlot studio in Toronto (canadian content!) during the Film Festival this summer (not hard to be illusive when the rest of the city is in Yorkville scoping for a glimpse of Oprah). The difference between this “interview style” show and…every other…is that it takes itself very seriously and delivers. Most musicians go on “talk shows” and talk about a) their model wives, b) their “new album“, c) their drug problems and consequent stint in rehab or c) how famous they are. This show is musician to musician…peers talking good ole fashion music because they CAN…but most shows do not ask them to, or feel that the audience won’t be able to keep up. In this case, you are allowed to be an intelligent musical audience, a breath of fresh air.

so tune in for this one… there is lots of music talk,  impromptu musical performances/duets and a very laid-back-poetry-cafe feel…check it out, tonight CTV 10pm.


Raptors take on Atlanta, TSN2 7:30pm
Olympic qualifying Curling, TSN 8pm

Christmas Specials:

Santa Clause 2, CBC 8pm
Letters to Santa, CTV 8pm

I told you it was sparse…if you have the option to go out…my advice is to take it tonight! There are some interesting things coming up this weekend, so stay tuned…it will get better!




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