Saturday TV Night

12 12 2009

So Friday was admittedly a bit of a bust — hopefully you made plans last night so that you can be free to STAY IN tonight! It’s a very full night…expecially if you like sports, classic Christmas specials and comedy

Here’s what I’m watching tonight:

Saturday Night Live-
It’s new, and it’s hosted by Taylor (at some point will bare his chest) Lautner… this will be a good one to watch in private…don’t let your kids stay up, better to enjoy him alone (am I right ladies?) so that you can’t be convicted for your comments. Not only is (17 year old, keep that in mind) Taylor hosting, but Bon (I have better hair than you) Jovi is performing! To me, this is absolutly can’t miss TV for anyone (with eyes). It will be intertesting to see if Yaylor can keep his own withe the pros…because let’s face it…he’s not generally paid to “act“, and there may even be one or more sketches where he might have to wear a shirt. Tune in tonight, NBC 11:30pm

Leafs vs Washington-
The Leafs will try again to suffocate the wonder boy, Ovechkin, in hopes of getting back on the winning track. In the last meeting, The Leafs pulled out a shoot-out win…spoiling Ovi’s party in the capital of Hockey…his favourite stage to put on a performance. Should be a good one…if Toskala‘s up for it. CBC 7pm

Christmas Classics:
The Polar Express (an eerily realistic- Tom Hanks-filled flick…)
Its a Wonderful Life (just TRY to hate this movie)

Another Suggestion—
For those who want to try a new sport on for size…the womens finals in Curling is on tonight, this determines who will represent Canada at the games…TSN 8pm




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