AFI’s Top 10 (in their opinion…)

14 12 2009

AFI has released their “Top 10 Television” shows of the year…and I can tell you, most of them you do not watch. So it is apparantly based on “excellence” rather than viewership, so like….the Oscars.

Here is the List, you decide…

1. Big Bang Theory (seriously…)

2. Big Love (The word “big” is big this year…obviously)

3. Friday Night Lights (people should just watch…real football.)

4. GLEE (agreed…the musical nerd in me rejoices)

5. Mad Men (the show with swagger, sass and smoke…HBO’s baby)

6. Modern Family (agreed…a very funny, no laugh track sitcom, and no need for cable!)

7. No1 Ladies Detective Club (um…what?)

8. Nurse Jackie (there is life after The Sopranos for Edie Falco…but have you seen this show?)

9. Party Down (again, um…what?)

10. True Blood (the “adult” version of Twilight…you can’t get arrested for ogling these vamps)

And there you have it…thanks AFI for waving your “excellence” wand over these shows (artistic achievements) and introducing us to shows that are better than the ones (mindless smut) we watch…




3 responses

14 12 2009

Neat list. Actually, I haven’t seen many of the aforementioned.
I would swap:

1. Six Feet Under (I don’t care that it’s done-best show/cast in tv)
2. Curb Your Enthusiasm
3. Big Love
4. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
5. Cold Case (Yeah, I know-it’s the tunes mostly)

14 12 2009

I would have to agree with swapping out a few….but like you said, I have never seen some on the list…so it’s hard to say.

Big Bang theory doesnt seem like it should make the list, and I think at least one of the doctor or police shows would make a cut somewhere… no?

and I suppose they think all reality shows are mindless drivel (which I can understand…) but NO mention? it IS just like the Oscars!

14 12 2009

Well, actually, I agree about the reality. Have you seen Hoarders? Intervention is a great show for educating and understanding, I think it even got an Emmy nom. You know me and my ‘procedurals’. Still heartbroken about ER.

Pretty typical “See how hip we are” list though.

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