SYTYCD: Finale

15 12 2009

So on the very last performance show of the season…they cheap-out on us, making it only a 1-hour show (saving the 2-hour slot for the results show…which arguably could be done in 15 minutes…)…with no video vignettes and (shockingly) no Paula Abdul .

But there was ALOT of shirtless-ness, the (much anticipated…) husband and wife dance, and lots of high kicks from Jakob‘s (gumby-esque) legs.

Here’s what I thought of each dancer:

Ballroom Ryan- has a beautiful body…but there’s something almost “Beauty and the Beast” about him. You know what I mean… when the beast turns into a human, but he is still huge and kind of beast-like…then they dance. He is a lovely ballroom dancer and he had some dances to show it off tonight…but when he is faced with dances that rely on personality rather than pure technique and stamina…he gets lost in it slightly. His first dance was (shirtless) a great way to display his style of dance, the second dance was (weird…and with Ellenore, so how could it not be?) a bit confusing and odd, his “last dance” with his wife was (heart-wrenching…and half-shirtless) touching and everything I hoped it would be. sigh….swoon….I dont think He’ll win.

Russel- Has everything it takes to win a competition like this. Style, big  (irrisistable) pearly whites, physique (like Ballroom Ryan…give or take 40 pounds of muscle) and “growth” (everyone loves a street-dancer turned technician). His first dance was a beautiful contemporary with Ashleigh where he pointed his toes and jumped really high and got lots of praise and tears. His second dance was a Paso Doble…which was nothing to write home about, but still applauded. and his last dance was (hear that sigh of relief?) Hip Hop, which…no question…he killed. He definitly has  a chance to win this whole thing.

Jakob- is head and shoulders above every dancer technically…and the choreographers each time have to figure out how to make his partner shine just as much as him…so they allow him to do leaps in the background, try to “hide” all the mid-air spins and splits, but to no avail. Halfway through the night, Nigel said he should be in a company…so that he could be in the presence of dancers of his calibre…which I absolutly agree with…his one flaw is that he hasnt “grown”…but he cant possible grow in this environment…its a TV show…targeting 13 year old girls (screamers who have phone plans). All of his dances were flawless; from his ballroom to his broadway and then to his (breathtaking)  contemporary number. He deserves to win if  this was solely based on talent…

Ashleigh- back from a brief hiatus…and didnt look like she was labouring in the least (so all the campaigning from her and her shirtless husband payed off!) She is a beautiful dancer, and she was beautiful tonight. The cruelest most unnecessary comment of the night goes to Nigel who said she “has more chemistry with Jakob than Ryan“….ouch. Do you think it’s easy for Ryan (who looks like the Vetruvian Man) to see his wife have “chemistry” with Billy Elliot? Uncalled for Nigel…and her dance with Ryan was extremely loving and to see their tears after the dance…shows the truth in the passion. She fared well on all her dances, but the only real stand out was her last dance with Ryan…not sure it’s enough to give her a win this year.

Ellenore- the quirkiest of the girls remaining…partially in looks, partially in her ability to take on new and unusual characters in each dance. Her Paso was “spanish sex-kitten“, her Jazz was “futuristic trekky“, and her broadway was “Debbie Reynolds“. She seems to always have just enough to pull off every dance, but she loves telling the story in every dance, which helps her gain fans…and the fact that she stands out visually from the rest helps as well. I don’t think she will win, but she has certainly been a fan-favourite this season.

Katherine- All of a sudden…everybody loves this girl! The judges worship her, and keep telling us “i told you so” about her…I dont really remember this when she was in the bottom 3 a couple weeks in a row. Not that I think she’s a bad dancer, au contraire…she may have been the only girl to stand out/stand up while partnering Jakob in their contemporary. No other girl could have pulled that out and made it the perfection that it was…so I definitly give her that! And she absolutly masters every style of dance, I just find that she has nothing to hold onto in terms of personality or likability (I always forget her name…) She may have more fans than I know, and may win votes based solely on her judges appraisal of her talent..but I dont forsee a win for her…maybe top 3.

There you have it…More pre-finale tomorrow before the RESULTS show airs (and dont worry…you’ll have at least 1:57 to relax before we find out the winner.)




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