An ALL NEW Wednesday

16 12 2009

We made it half-way through the week…and are being seriously rewarded with a (Tuesday dethroning…) fantastic night of television. And considering it’s also snowing at my house…it’s almost like a Christmas Miracle…an ALL NEW night of song, dance and (watchable) Christmas specials…

Here’s what I’m watching tonight:

SYTYCD: Finale-
Last night felt rushed…tonight is going to feel like a snails pace…2 hours worth of video pieces, “best performances of the season”, judges accolades and tears, Paula Abdul sightings (…?), and random guest performances…until the very last 2 minutes where Cat will finally reveal the winner of this season!

You want a bold prediction right? Well, the odds are against me…I no longer have a 25% shot at the right guess (1 in 4), this season they have made it far more difficult with a 16% chance (1 in 6). those are worse odds than me passing my math exams by guessing “c” on every question.

Here’s my method:  I believe that the married couple are not going to make top 4. That eliminates 2. Then I don’t think Ellenore will win…now its 1 in 3. And I think a guy will end up winning…1 in 2. Now comes the tough choice between star-quality and god-given talent.

I think Jakob will win…there.

Tune in tonight 8pm, FOX/CTV


Sing Off-
It is now down to five groups: Bright sweaters, Nerdy College, LA college, Spanish and Older women.
I personally think the judges made the wrong decision last night eliminating the All-Girl group with the funky hair…but look whos judging I guess. Maybe the Pussy Cat Doll didnt like the competition for face time? But this is the last show before next week’s finale…so it should be good. One will go again tonight, making a TOP 4…which will then be voted on (bringing back democracy!) to decide the ultimate winner. This means, Nick (I sing too) Lachey only gets 2 more shows, and 4 more hours of (extended 15 minutes) his revived career.

Tune in tonight, 8pm NBC

SNL: Holiday Moments-
I am so unbelievably excited for this…! 2 hours of past and present SNL Christmas episodes/sketches…including appearances from Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. And any time I get to see more Debbie Downer skits, Molly Shannon, Classic Steve Martin, Will Farrel, or Kristiin Wiig as “Gilly” or “A**holes buying a tree“…I’m so there. Now, this is airing in Canada TONIGHT on Global…but is advertised as being aired tomorrow on NBC in the US. So, not sure if this is two seperate shows or just staggered airing. but definitly tune in tonight, 9pm Global.

Leafs vs Phoenix-
The Game that Couldve Been“…as in, if the Coyotes HAD moved to Hamilton…this wouldve been the first game of the potential rivalry. But alas, it’s jsut another game against a team we can beat, extend the streak and get into a play off spot. Stakes high enough for you? Its on Sportsnet tonight, 7pm.

Whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV Night.



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