17 12 2009

The “Set up” episode for the 2-hour- finale -extravaganza on sunday night.

This was an unusual episode…for many reasons:

  • Since when did the blonde girl speak? And since when did she not only speak…but become a “prayer warrior”? (…wasnt Shambo Gods messenger?)
  • Brett is such a nice guy…that he (risks his life to ) massage Shambo’s…HAIR! He put his hands in that thing on top of her head (and down her shoulders…but shorter on each side…aka fem-mullett), that mop that she called “shambo-licious” and revealed it had been the same since 1986 (Do you know how many haircuts I’ve had since then? One of which happened to be…my very FIRST!)
  • Remember when Foa Foa was a lowly group of 4 against 7 Galu?!?! Those 4 still stand…and are now in totally control.
  • Did producers really want to send Shambo, to represent the American people, on a reward breaking bread (and pig on a spit) with locals? Well, She did…after her, Russell and Jaison won the reward challenge (a big, island version of Ker-Plunk! with coconuts)
  • Brett beats all odds again, as the lone Galu member (Shambo doesnt count…) wins immunity with eliminationon the line…and Foa Foa begins to scramble…to vote off either Shambo or one of their own
  • Russel once again wears his immunity necklace to tribal…and doesnt use it. It’s just decoration now…it brings out his eyes.
  • In the end, Foa Foa stay true…voting out SHAMBO! (I was kind of disappointed with her composed farewells…but hopefully she’ll be back to form for the Jury questioning…my favourite part of the entire season.)

So Russel still stands, he has to get through the next Tribal counsel (without his found immunity) in order to face the Jury in hopes of winning it all. the question is…will Brett continue to win immunity and foil his plans? If not, who will Russel decide to take with him to give him the best odds…would anyone vote for the blonde based on “merit”…doubtful, who has the btter shot…Mick or Jaison?

An exciting sunday awaits us Survivor fans…



4 responses

18 12 2009

There is NO way Brett will win – the show has been edited to show virtually nothing of him until this week so no dice for Brett is my prediction. ALSO he has done really nothing of interest to promote himself as a “good” winner. He simply was nice enough not to be the first Galu voted off and now just has horseshoes up his bottom. It will end and then say bye bye to Brett.

Like your comments Chrissi but there is still a part of me that loves Shambo in all her craziness. I agree – hope she’s back with it for the final tribal council!

18 12 2009

Shambo was good for the show— needed someone else to weigh out the “crazy” factor with Russel…
Good Survivor season for sure— I agree about Brett…he’s all of a sudden getting camera time as the nice-guy…but I dint really know his name until last week.
it will come down to who Russel takes to the jury… Jaison or Mick (I think its a no brainer to take the blonde chick…she wont get any votes…)

i know what i’m doing sunday night…

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