What did YOU watch?

18 12 2009

I thought you might be interested (considering it’s friday…and you may be looking for anything to speed up the working hours) in seeing the Nielson ratings for TV last week. I have to say, like every list I stumble upon…there are a few eye-brow raisers

See for yourself:

Rank Program Name Net Day Time Viewers
1 FOOTBALL (EAGLES/GIANTS) NBC Sun 8:31 PM 20,882,000
2 CSI CBS Thu 9:00 PM 16,429,000
3 THE MENTALIST CBS Thu 10:00 PM 16,372,000
4 60 MINUTES CBS Sun 7:21 PM 16,238,000
5 NCIS CBS Tue 8:00 PM 15,087,000
6 SUNDAY NIGHT NFL PRE-KICK NBC Sun 8:22 PM 15,085,000
7 TWO AND A HALF MEN CBS Mon 9:00 PM 14,840,000
8 CRIMINAL MINDS CBS Wed 9:00 PM 14,433,000
9 THE BIG BANG THEORY CBS Mon 9:30 PM 14,377,000
10 BIGGEST LOSER 8 NBC Tue 8:00 PM 13,542,000
11 SURVIVOR: SAMOA CBS Thu 8:00 PM 13,251,000
12 CSI: NY CBS Wed 10:00 PM 12,965,000
13 CSI: MIAMI CBS Mon 10:00 PM 12,719,000
14 NCIS: LOS ANGELES CBS Tue 9:00 PM 12,044,000
15 DISNEY PREP & LANDING ABC Tue 8:30 PM 12,042,000
18 BONES FOX Thu 8:00 PM 10,902,000
19 10 MOST FASCINATING ABC Wed 10:01 PM 10,548,000
20 EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER ABC Sun 8:00 PM 10,343,000

See What I mean?

Considering MOST of the sitcoms/series are on a Christmas Rerun schedule…they are still topping the ratings? Am I the only one who hates watching something more than once on TV…especially CSI —the whole point is kind of lost if you know what’s coming! Or perhaps people just dont…notice?

I also find it odd every time I see Two and a Half Men on any kind of list (other than “Shows that need to be cancelled” or “Least funny sitcoms”….), but it holds it’s own…what gives?

Apparantly Barbara Walters isnt that “fascinating” anymore…number 19 behind Charlie Brown (who coincidentally…have been on TV for the same amount of years…)

I also would have assumed that The Biggest Loser would be higher, considering this was the finale week (theses are the times NBC wishes the title didnt have the word “loser” in it…just too easy). And also, Survivor is lower than I would have thought, Especially with all the Russel-buzz…I’m sure this sunday it will smash some ratings for the week (unless the blonde chick wins…)

Not surprising is that America loves it’s Football (and I dont blame them…it’s never a rerun…)




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28 12 2009
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